Coffee Gear

We need the proper coffee gears to make great coffee at home. Here you’ll find the buying guides and reviews for the most popular coffee machines, grinders and more. 


Best Coffee Gear Buying Guides

Coffee is so popular, there are tons of coffee makers and related gear out there. In this section, we carefully picked and reviewed the top products in our top-pick list to help you make the right decision. 


A good grinder is essential for home brewing. No matter which coffee makers or brewing methods you use, freshly ground coffee is the key to a perfect cup of coffee. 

There are lots of grinders in the market place, here are the product reviews and buying guide for you.

Electric Coffee Grinders

Manual Coffee Grinders

Manual Coffee Makers

Manual brewing is very suitable for home baristas. The manual coffee makers usually are cheaper than the espresso machine. All you need is a simple dripper and filters, or a very affordable coffee maker like a stovetop espresso maker, AeroPress or French Press. They are simple yet the best way to craft a high-quality cup of coffee. Here are the reviews for the most popular manual coffee makers to help you get started.

Drip Coffee Maker

Most coffee lovers brew freshly ground coffee using a drip coffee maker at home. That’s the most common and convenient way to enjoy a cup of joe. Here we reviewed the best drip coffee makers so you can make the right decision. 

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Making the smooth and delicious cold brew coffee at home is much easier than you thought. You can either use a simple mason jar or opt for the cold brew coffee makers for more hassle-free experiences.  

Single Serve Pot Coffee Maker & Nespresso

Simply put in a coffee pot or a capsule, press a button then you will have a cup of delicious coffee in 1-2 minutes every morning. Sounds appealing? Here are the options for you. Pot coffee makers give you the ultimate convenience for enjoying great coffee.