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Are you looking for a coffee subscription service for your personal use or as a gift idea for a friend or loved one? There are many options available for the best coffee subscriptions available in 2024.

Consider the features offered by these coffee subscription services. We performed an in-depth evaluation to help you make the best choice for your situation. Review your options now to find the service that best meets your needs.

8 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes of 2024

1. Trade Coffee

trade coffee

Trade Coffee works with 50 roasters from around the country to bring you access to over 500 kinds of artisan coffee beans, all roasted fresh to order. The company allows you to buy coffee directly from the website whenever you want, but you receive more significant savings by signing up for their subscription service.

Trade Coffee’s subscription service gives you access to a brand-new coffee every month. You also get a chance to provide feedback on the coffee you received for the month, allowing Trade Coffee to further specialize their monthly offers for you, helping you get the best coffee possible.

We tried Trade’s subscription and loved the coffee they suggested.

Signing up to their coffee of the month club requires you to provide information about how you brew coffee, your preferences for roast level, decaf or caffeinated coffee, and the way you want your coffee to taste. You can select whole beans or ground coffee with a wide range of grind sizes, including drip-coffee machine, French press, Chemex, Pour over, Aeropress, espresso, or even cold brew. That’s very friendly to the coffee drinker without a grinder. Here is our Trade coffee review.


  • Free shipping on your orders
  • Regular improvements based on your feedback
  • Curated selection options that align with your flavor profile
  • Orders come in compostable bags
  • Many grind sizes for different brew methods


  • The number of choices can feel overwhelming
  • The price of your order changes based on the kind of coffee you select

2. Bean Box


Are you looking for a coffee of the month club that specifically offers you access to beans sold by micro-roasters in the Pacific Northwest? If so, Bean Box may represent the choice for you. The company focuses on selling products from artisan roasters and supports independent roasters across the country.

Bean Box offers a unique Coffee Tasting Subscription for members. You can use this subscription to try four unique coffees every month. Each flavor comes with enough coffee to make around six cups of joe. In addition, the subscription allows you to select the roast level you want or to select an “All Roasts” option to give the roasters freedom to choose for you.

We tried Bean Box’s tasting subscription – Fresh coffees from four roasters

You may also sign up for the Coffee Bag Subscription, which provides you with full bags of coffee on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery schedule. The company also offers numerous add-ons, allowing you to further personalize your coffee drinking experience. Check our Bean Box Review for more details.


  • A wide range of roast options
  • Options to purchase gift subscriptions or boxes
  • Free shipping on your coffee
  • Offers great gift options
  • Sample size coffees available to try


  • Slightly pricier than some other subscription services
  • No option to select flavor profiles or brands

3. Atlas Coffee Club


Atlas Coffee Club represents a top pick when it comes to the best coffee subscriptions of 2023. The company features something for every coffee adventurer out there, giving you access to single-origin specialty coffee from around the world.

Experts working for the club focus on finding coffees from micro-lots around the world before importing the beans to Texas. They handle the roasting themselves, working to find the perfect roast profile before shipping the beans directly to your home. Their shipping procedures make it easy for them to guarantee the freshness of your order. Apart from amazing coffee, you also find brewing tips and a postcard in each box.

Great coffee from Costa Rica and Tanzania in Altas Coffee Club’s COFFEE OF THE MONTH CLUB subscription box

It’s easy to sign-up for the Atlas Coffee Club subscription. The system gives you the option to select how much coffee you’d like to order and the frequency of your orders. In addition, you get to choose the kind of roast that you want and have the option to select either ground or whole coffee. We tried it and here is our Atlas Coffe Club review.


  • All single-origin beans
  • Nice rewards program
  • Extensive order control
  • Access to rare and exotic coffees
  • Educational coffee experience


  • They offer only one coffee per month
  • Additional shipping costs separate
  • No flavor profile options are available

4. Driftaway Coffee


Driftaway Coffee allows you to personalize your coffee options while increasing your knowledge about the science associated with coffee tasting. The company recommends that new customers start with a Coffee Explorer Kit that comes with five types of coffee, each providing a unique flavor profile.

After trying them, you provide feedback about your opinions of each type of coffee. Driftaway Coffee uses this information to select the coffees you receive. You have options to receive an order on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with Driftaway Coffee. The company is working to become carbon neutral in an effort to embrace sustainability.

In addition to providing you with coffee orders, Driftaway Coffee hosts a virtual tasting every week, providing you with information about the right way to taste different beans. Additionally, you have the option to rate each coffee you receive from Driftaway Coffee, allowing them to constantly update your shipments to better align with your tastes.


  • The option to select from five flavor notes from the Explorer kit
  • Customizable delivery options
  • Blind tasting options to help you find the flavors you prefer
  • A strong company focus on sustainability


  • Some of the options are expensive
  • The company offers a relatively limited range of options

5. Mistobox


If you want to try beans from the top roasters in the US, make sure that you check out Mistobox. The company provides an extensive range of options, giving you access to around 600 types of coffee produced by over 60 roasters.

The company offers a tiered system for ordering your coffee. Tier 1 offers you less expensive options, while connoisseurs who want more options can select the more expensive Tier 2 when signing up for the service. In addition, you can purchase a bag at a time, or you can order up to 12 bags of coffee at once to save money.

You can sign up and enter your coffee preferences before ordering your first bag. Then, after signing up, you can adjust your preferences at any time. You can also change the shipping frequency for your coffee, ranging from once a week to every three or four weeks.


  • The Tier 1 subscription gives you a low-cost option
  • Easy personal curation of your coffee choices
  • Lots of variety available


  • Extra charges for shipping
  • The company only ships one bag of coffee at a time

6. Equator Coffees


Do you feel a little unsure about the kind of coffee you like or what you want from a coffee subscription service? If so, you may want to consider the options offered by Equator Coffees, which provides a vast variety of coffees and choices during the ordering process.

You can select when you want each delivery and how much coffee you want to receive with each order. The company also gives you the option to choose your grind size or select whole bean coffee. In addition, the company offers blends and single-origin coffee, providing you with more choices about your experience.

Equator Coffees offers a range of options at different prices, including a relatively inexpensive option that allows you to try out coffee subscriptions. You can select the kind of coffee you want or allow Equator Coffees to curate your choices.


  • The company ships their orders for free
  • You can receive a discount by signing up for a subscription
  • Grind size options help you control your experience
  • Low pricing options for some subscriptions


  • Limited options to select compared to those working with multiple other roasters

7. Yes Plz


Yes Plz represents an excellent coffee subscription service for people who don’t want to make very many decisions about what they receive. If you want to be surprised by the coffee you get, consider this option. The only information you provide Yes Plz involves how much coffee you want and when you want them to deliver your beans.


Yes Plz is a solid choice if you want to explore new flavors and if you have an adventurous palate when it comes to coffee. The company boasts a new kind of coffee every week. In addition, they roast both blends and single-origins, meaning their options often have a lot of variety.

Sometimes, the company ships out a dark roast. On other weeks, they may deliver a light roast. Only those with the most adventurous palettes should choose Yes Plz. If you already know the kind of coffee you like, a more customizable option would suit you better. We like the unique blend we received, here is our Yes Plz review.


  • A relatively inexpensive option for coffee subscriptions
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Access to high-end coffees that change every week
  • They ship to anywhere in North America


  • No say in the kind of coffee you receive
  • You may miss coffee options if you do not have a weekly subscription

8. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription


Blue Bottle Coffee operates as an artisan roasting company, handling beans they source from coffee farmers to create unique and delicious options. The company generally offers subscriptions that allow you to purchase specific blends, though you may select a Blend Assortment or Espresso Assortment subscription.

The company also offers a curated subscription. This subscription allows you to receive a new single-origin coffee every two weeks, featuring options from around the world. Generally, this subscription option features lighter options than other options offered by Blue Bottle Coffee, which may appeal to some coffee drinkers. You can also find darker roasted traditional espresso beans or New Orleans-style coffee for cold brew.

The company offers a coffee preference quiz on their website to help you identify the best choice for your tastes. In addition, you have the option to schedule different delivery rates, going from weekly to monthly shipments. You can also purchase other items from Blue Bottle Coffee, including coffee supplies and sets or even granola.


  • The company sends you a welcome kit
  • You can get international shipping
  • Ability to order more of a coffee that worked for you
  • Allows you to personalize your choices after taking a coffee quiz


  • More expensive than many subscription services
  • Generally only offers whole-bean coffee

Why Consider a Coffee Subscription?

Many coffee lovers wonder if a coffee box subscription is worth it. These subscription services provide you with many benefits that often make them an excellent choice. For one thing, you’ll never run out of coffee. They also let you:

Try New Beans

Are you interested in breaking out of your regular morning routine? Try exotic beans with a subscription service. You can try interesting coffees that are not available in your local coffee shop or on the grocery store shelf.

Ensure Peak Freshness

Subscription services provide you with freshly roasted coffee beans every month, meaning you always get delicious coffee with the best flavors.

Save Money in the Long Run

Subscription services allow you to try rare and expensive coffee options for an affordable subscription, reducing your overall costs for coffee.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up to A Coffee Subscription

You have several factors to consider when looking for the best coffee subscription. Focus on the following aspects when looking at services:

1. Single Roaster vs. Multiple Roasters

You have the option of signing up for a subscription service that handles all the roasting in-house. Other organizations use multiple roasters, meaning the beans in your coffee subscription box may come from different locations. However, you generally get a more consistent roast from companies that handle the process in-house.

Many subscription services focus on quality control even when working with multiple roasters, ensuring high-quality coffee.

2. Coffee Variety

Not every monthly coffee subscription service offers the same number of coffees. Some may offer a dozen varieties, some upwards of a hundred. Depending upon your palate and how adventurous you feel, you may want to consider a service with more choices.


Many people also want to look for a company that features special categories of coffee, including:

  • Fair trade coffee
  • Single-origin coffees
  • Decaf or caffeinated options
  • Flavored blends
  • Ground or whole beans

You may consider companies that offer beans from different regions worldwide or those produced by different roasters. Some of the coffee subscriptions even offer seasonal beans, allowing you to try other coffee throughout the year.

Different brewing methods require different grind sizes. Some offer grounds for cold brew, french press, drip coffee machine, or even espresso grinds, but some coffee clubs only offer whole bean coffee.

3. Your Coffee Consumption

Only you know how much coffee you drink regularly. The amount of coffee you need for your household may influence the coffee subscription services you select, as some services offer different shipping rates.

Additionally, subscription services do not all offer the same size coffee bags. You may find some that only offer more coffee than you can consume every month or others that offer plans that don’t meet your needs.

We recommend that you check your options thoroughly before making a final decision about your curated coffee experience.

4. Curator Selection or Choose Yourself?

Coffee subscription companies provide beans through two primary methods. First, some companies provide you with beans specially selected by expert curators. These coffee professionals use their extensive knowledge of flavor profiles and tasting notes to create kits sent out to customers.

Signing up for a curated service provides you with a great way to try new options, broadening your taste horizons. However, you also have the opportunity to stick to the beans and options you know you enjoy by signing up for a service that allows you to choose your own selections.

5. Subscription Options

It’s essential to go over the fine print associated with subscription options for your coffee delivery service. Some services are far more flexible than others, allowing you to:

  • Change your monthly order
  • Pause an order for a period of time
  • Skip a monthly shipment

Other companies charge you for these services or may not offer them at all. You should also review options for canceling your subscription. In some cases, you may have to wait a certain period to cancel, even if you discover that you don’t like the service. Check out these factors before you sign up.

6. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs may represent a significant amount of the cost to pay for a subscription coffee service in some cases. Some companies include the cost for shipping and handling in their introductory price for the coffee.

However, other organizations require you to pay separately to have your coffee shipped, which may significantly increase the service costs, depending upon where you live. You can generally find this information on the subscription service’s website.

Some coffee subscription services also provide international shipping. However, it’s always good to check out your local roasters for maximum freshness. For example, if you are looking for a coffee subscription in the UK, Batch Coffee Club is a good choice; Kurasu Coffee is one of our favorites in Japan.

7. Reward Program Benefits

You may find some coffee subscription services that come with a rewards program. These programs often allow you to earn access to extra coffees or other fun bonuses after you stick with the service for a set number of months.

You may also earn rewards or discounts on your orders by referring friends to the service in some cases. These programs sometimes send out special coffee or other prizes on your birthday or the anniversary of when you signed up for the service.

If you can’t decide between two services, look at this option.

The Verdict

When looking for your favorite coffee subscription, you can find a wide range of choices that might fit your needs. If you have an adventurous palette and don’t mind risking a dud to find your favorite coffee, choose from one of the curated coffee subscription options.

If you prefer a certain blend or roast and can’t see the value in spending more to try options you may not enjoy, select one of the customizable options and order just your favorites.

There’s no wrong way to enjoy your coffee if it’s the coffee you like. Let us know which of these coffee subscriptions you like best, or if there’s another coffee subscription service you recommend.

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