Jura E8 Review 2023 – Is It The Best Value Jura Espresso Machine?


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The smell of a freshly brewed cup of espresso in the morning is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

Many people travel to their favorite coffee shop every morning to enjoy this. However, with the Jura E8 super-automatic espresso machine, you can experience this from the comfort of your own home.  

Keep reading this Jura E8 review to learn what makes the Jura E8 espresso machine the right choice for espresso lovers.

Jura E8 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine Summary


  • It brews up to 17 coffee beverages with a touch of a button
  • Outstanding coffee drinks quality
  • Each drink is fully customizable
  • Best value Jura coffee machine in our review


  • It’s compatible with Smart Connect but doesn’t come with the purchase, and you’ll need to buy an accessory
  • It doesn’t have a touch screen

Design And Build Quality

The Jura E8 espresso machine is Swiss-designed and has an elegant minimalist exterior. It is available in chrome, Piano black, and white.  

The E8 features a TFT-LCD screen that displays all of the drink options and settings. This Jura coffee machine opted for a more traditional look with physical buttons instead of a touch screen. There are a total of six physical buttons that correspond with the on-screen options.  

The Jura E8 espresso machine features two spouts. The coffee spout on the front is for ristretto, espresso, and coffee, while the fine foam frother on the right is for brewing any milk-based drink. Both are adjustable, so you have enough clearance for fitting in different coffee cups.

You can preload a bag of whole coffee beans in the bean hopper and add pre-ground coffee in the grounds chutes. If your household has differing tastes in coffee, for example, someone prefers decaf or an alternative variety of coffee, you will love this feature.

The burr grinder on the E8 is of the highest quality, with six grind settings. It is quieter than many other automatic coffee machines. You can easily make adjustments on the top of the machine.

Overall, this mid-range Jura espresso machine is well-made with high-quality materials and looks premium and harmonious.

Drink Options

The Jura E8 can make a wide variety of drinks beyond just espresso. It is also capable of making ristretto and lungo. With the extra-large grinder, the E8 can make a double shot of espresso as well.  

In addition to espresso, the E8 can make long blacks, americanos, and regular brewed coffee. Finally, this machine can also make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and flat whites. You can make all of these drinks at the touch of a button. The milk spout dispenses hot water as well; brewing tea or Americano is easy.

You can enjoy the preset coffee recipes. However, if you have personal preferences, you can program the Jura E8 yourself. You can change the grind size, size of the shot, coffee strength, foam thickness, and amount of milk. The E8 gives you complete control of your morning coffee.

The E8 is one of Jura’s top-of-the-line models. The quality and quantity of its milk drinks are what set it apart from Jura’s other models. If you are looking for a coffee machine that makes basic black coffees or fewer specialty coffee options, other more affordable Jura machines such as Jura A1 or E6 can fit your needs.  

Brew Performance

The Jura E8 is far more advanced than the average automatic espresso machines. The entire system is designed to make precise and consistent coffee.  

The process begins with the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS). The IPBAS allows the Jura E8 to measure the amount of coffee you use and use the appropriate amount of water. Using the perfect amount of water ensures that your coffees are consistent in flavor and strength.  

Additionally, the Pulse Extraction Process pre-infuses the coffee grounds. This PEP process wets the coffee briefly before brewing, causing the coffee beans to expand and improving flavor extraction. While this process takes slightly longer than other machines, the result is better extraction for drinks such as espresso and ristretto.  

Another technology that Jura has added is the ceramic blades on the coffee grinder. The ceramic blades disperse the heat created during the grinding process and prevent over-extraction and bitter coffees.  

Jura has introduced several technologies into the Jura E8 to ensure that you get the most out of your coffee and that your morning coffees are consistent in both flavor and strength.       

Coffee Drinks Quality

Due to the high-quality grinding and brewing process, the Jura E8 produces excellent espresso and fantastic milk-based drinks. In addition, the E8 allows you to customize the brew temperature, shot volume, and milk volume for each of the drinks. The beverage will satisfy serious coffee drinkers.  

The Jura E8 automatic espresso machine has a pick-up tube system with a fine foam frother dial. The foam frother allows you to enjoy barista-quality milk drinks at home. The frother comes with a dial that allows you to adjust the thickness of the foam on your milk-based espresso drinks.  

Additionally, the Jura E8 produces perfect microfoam on command from an automatic pump. The microfoam is consistent, silky, and barista-quality.  

The E8 doesn’t cut corners. It has a specific brewing procedure for each of the milk-based beverages. For example, you’ll get milk froth first then the espresso when making cappuccino. But when you are making a latte, it pulls a shot before adding steamed milk. This produces coffees that look and taste like ones brewed by professional baristas.  

Ease Of Use

The Jura E8 is easy to use despite its variety of features and drink options. You can use the buttons and display on the machine to make your drink selections. Alternatively, you can also use an app on your smartphone to program the Jura E8 (Additional WiFi connect accessory is required).

You can use the preset recipes saved on the E8. You can also customize each of them by long-pressing the corresponding recipe button. You can adjust the height of the coffee spout to accommodate your favorite cups.

The E8 will store up to 16 cycles of spent grounds in a separate coffee grounds container. This means you will not have to toss the used grounds before making another cup of coffee. Additionally, the water reservoir is 64oz which is about 10 six-ounce coffees.  

The E8 super-automatic espresso machine is optimized so that making drinks is easy and convenient. For example, to make a Latte Macchiato, all you have to do is press a button. The machine will grind the beans, froth the milk, and then pour the espresso. And with that, you have a delicious Latte Macchiato at the press of a button! 


The E8 is easy to clean inside and out. Its exterior panels are easy to wipe down, and you can clean the interior with a single press of a button. Additionally, all of the E8’s parts are easily accessible.  

One of the best features of the E8 is its smart water system. The water filters the E8 uses have a radio frequency ID chip (RFID) built into them. The machine will read the RFID and know when a filter is in use and how old it is. 

When the filter needs replacing, the machine will automatically let you know. If you use the E8’s water filter properly, you will never need to descale!

Anytime you are making milk-based drinks, hygiene is an important consideration. The E8 makes this easy. Ten minutes after making a milk-based rink, the Jura E8 will automatically rinse the frothing device. Alternatively, you can turn this feature off or run a rinse cycle at your discretion. 

For regular cleaning, all you need is to empty the drip tray and used grounds. Additionally, the E8 has a deep cleaning procedure for the milk system. This cycle takes four minutes, and the E8 comes with an easy-to-use container and cleaning solution for this process.  

Other Great Features

As mentioned previously, the E8 is programmed to brew standard-sized espresso, coffee, and other milk-based beverages. However, you can customize each of these drinks to your personal preferences. 


You can do this two ways. You can manually control the amount of coffee that the machine makes by holding down the corresponding button. After you have done this once, the machine will save your preferences. Alternatively, you can program each drink from the menu.  

You can program the volume of each beverage in ounces or milliliters, the strength of the coffee at eight different levels, and the temperatures at normal or high. 

For milk-based drinks, you can program all the same coffee variables as well as the amount of milk and the interval of time between the milk and coffee.  

Smart Connect

The Jura E8 is compatible with Jura smart connect feature. This feature allows wireless communication via WiFi. You can connect your Jura E8 to your phone wirelessly and control it using the J.O.E. app.   

The J.O.E. (JURA Operating Experience) app allows you to control all the automatic functions of the E8 from your smartphones or tablets. The app allows you to customize each beverage, and you can create your own personal coffee menu!  

However, Smart Connect is not included with the purchase, and you need to buy the WiFi receiver separately.

Value for Money

The Jura E8 is a great value and is easy to use. It provides great value because it gives you all the latest Jura tech found in the most expensive Jura machines, but at a much lower price. 

The intelligent water system is a fantastic addition to any coffee maker and will help you save money in the long run. 

The ability to customize the strength of your coffee is a feature usually found on much more expensive coffee machines. Add in a wide range of drink options, and it’s hard to find a better value out on the market.  

This is not to say that the Jura E8 is cheap. It is more expensive than many other coffee machines. However, most automatic espresso machines come with a higher price tag, and the level of customization, the build quality, and the ease of use and maintenance put the Jura E8 a step above the competition. 

Jura E8 Alternatives and Comparison

Jura has several other mid-range espresso machines. At the end of the day, you need to find the machine that best fits your needs. You’ll find more details and comparisons in our Jura Automatic Espresso Makers round-up.

Jura E8 Vs. Jura ENA 8

The E8 and ENA 8 are very similar Jura coffee machines at a similar price point.

The main advantage of the E8 over the ENA8 is that it has a much larger water tank capacity (64 oz vs. 37 oz). 

There are some obvious cosmetic differences between the E8 and the ENA 8. ENA 8 has a diamond-patterned cylindrical water tank, which looks more stylish. Also, the E8 has two spouts compared to the ENA 8’s single spout. 

When it comes to drinks options, E8 offers 17 beverages while ENA 8 has 10.

The larger bean and water capacity of the E8 make it appealing for large households. In comparison, ENA8 has a more compact footprint for a smaller kitchen.

Jura E8 Vs. Jura S8

The Jura E8 is also similar to the S8 beyond a few key differences. The E8 and S8 both feature Jura’s PEP extraction process, have a pre-ground bypass, come with a fine foam milk frother, programmable beverages and have automatic cleaning processes. 

Additionally, they have the same 10 oz bean container and 64 oz water tank. The two machines also have similar dimensions.  

The main difference is the control panel. The more expensive S8 has a larger touchscreen color display rather than the E8’s TFT color display with physical buttons. 

The S8 also includes some additional features, including 10 coffee strengths instead of 8, and 3 temperature settings instead of two.  

Overall, the E8 and S8 are quite similar and brew coffee in the same way. Either way, you can’t go wrong. E8 is more budget-friendly compared to S8, while the S8 looks more premium with the Touch screen.

Check out our Jura S8 review here.

What’s New in the Latest Jura E8 2021 Model?

Jura just released a new E8 model in 2021, and it has a few key differences from the old E8 model. 

The new E8 model has a full-front chrome panel, while the original model had a black insert in the middle. The new model also has redesigned spouts and fine foam frother. The screen and buttons changed on the new E8. The buttons are almost embedded into the screen.

Beyond cosmetic changes, Jura has added some new functionalities to the new E8. The new E8 has a quieter and faster grinder. You can also choose to add a second shot of espresso to the cappuccino, latte macchiato, and flat white.  

Jura has also added a cafe barista function. Jura added a new hot water spout right behind the coffee spout so you can add hot water to your espresso shots. This allows you to make a more authentic Americano similar to what you would get from a barista.  

The new E8 also has a new automatic milk cleaning feature that automatically cleans the parts of the machine used to make milk beverages. This keeps the E8 clean and hygienic.  

If you want more options before making the final decision, check our Top 10 automatic espresso machines reviews, you’ll find more options from other brands and budget ranges.


All things considered, the Jura E8 is an impressive coffee machine. It gives you the variety and taste of barista-made milk-based beverages from the comfort of your own home.  

Additionally, it is a well-built Jura machine that is easy to use and clean. Finally, the ability to program the E8 to your specific tastes puts it above its competition.

The E8 is an expensive machine, but you get what you pay for. Additionally, it gives you more features than other espresso machines at a similar price point. 

If you are a coffee aficionado and the E8 is within your budget, this is an excellent machine for you.    

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Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of BrewCoffeeHome.com. With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.