Maestri House Milk Frother Review

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Are you a fan of espresso-based milk drinks like latte and cappuccino, but the skills to master them or spending big money on an espresso machine puts you off making them? In that case, an electric milk frother is a good option.

One such machine is the Maestri House milk frother, which we’ve tried. And the verdict?

The milk frother is excellent. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it’s well built and compact, and it’ll appeal to those on a restricted budget. Best of all, though, it delivers great milk frothing performance. Overall, it’s one of the best milk frothers we’ve ever tested!

Let’s take a hands-on review so you’ll know if it’s suitable for you.

Maestri House Milk Frother Review

Note: Maestri House offers two models – the detachable milk frother (the MMF9304) and the integrated model (the MMF9201). Both of these milk frothers have very similar features. However, for this review, we used the detachable model, which has a larger capacity for milk and is more straightforward to clean.

Detachable MMF9304
Integrated MMF9201

Design and Build Quality

The Maestri House milk frother won the red dot design award, and it’s not difficult to see why, as it has a premium look and is well built. We were impressed from the outset and loved what we saw as soon as we opened the box.


The stainless steel milk jug has a premium finish and an ergonomic handle. Meanwhile, it also has an intuitive touch control panel on the base. The black panel also contrasts beautifully with the white LED indicator light to make it easy to read.


The frother we used was moonlight white. However, there are options in black, green, or yellow. Each color is elegant and beautiful, making the machine a perfect coffee gift for a loved one.

The well-designed milk frother is compact enough for even very small kitchens. Meanwhile, if you also have a Nespresso machine, Keurig, or similar coffee machine, it’ll look great alongside it.

The machine also uses magnets to hold everything in place. So, just place the jug on the base, put the whisk in the jug, and it’s ready to use. Overall, it’s remarkably clutter-free, meaning it’s also easy to clean.


The removable milk jug has a huge capacity. So, if you only need to heat milk, you can pour in 21 fl. oz (600ml) to the max level. If you’re making milk froth, you’ll need to allow more room for the foam, so aim for around 10.5 fl. oz (300ml) milk, which is still enough for two to three cups of milk-based coffee. Meanwhile, there are also measuring lines inside the jug to gauge the correct milk level you require and the maximum milk capacity.


There is also a manual, a fine sponge brush for easy cleaning, and a frothing whisk set with a spring and cover that you can choose for different purposes.

The overriding impression is it’s one of the best milk frothers around.

Milk Frothing Options


Temperature Control

The Maestri House electric milk frother has variable temperature settings. That means you can choose between 120°F (48°C), 140°F (60°C), and 160°F (71°C). We recommend the middle option, as it’s the optimal temperature for steaming milk. Another option is to froth cold milk, which you do by simply not selecting a temperature option. This is an excellent option if you’re making a cold drink or want to make cold froth for your espresso drinks.

Milk Foam thickness choices

As well as temperature control, there are also three levels to determine how thick it makes your froth, allowing you to create multiple types of frothy beverages at the push of a button.

The milk you use will also affect the thickness. So, dairy milk will naturally create more foam than non-dairy alternatives like almond milk and oat milk. Therefore, if you’re using non-dairy milk, we recommend using the thickest setting.

In our testing, the low froth level is the best setting for a caffe latte, while the maximum froth level makes excellent foam for macchiato and cappuccino.

However, like most milk frothers, it won’t let you make the microfoam you’d expect to see from a steam wand of an espresso machine. This means that, while you’ll be able to create delicious beverages that satisfy a serious coffee drinker, you won’t be able to make delicate latte art with the foam it generates.

Other Great Features That You’ll Love

One of the biggest conveniences of the Maestri House is it records the previous temperature and thickness settings, so you can prepare multiple frothy drinks without selecting them each time.

The electric frother is also quiet, so it’s not a problem to prepare your morning coffee without disturbing others. This professional milk frother features an overheat and boil-dry protection, so there’s no need to worry about burning the milk. Meanwhile, the machine will automatically revert to standby mode after 30 seconds without use to save power.

frothing milk
Frothing milk quietly

The 304 stainless steel milk jug, measuring cap, and the whisk are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. However, you will need to clean the integrated model by hand.

How To Use The Maestri House Milk Frother

The Maestri House milk frother is automatic, so not only is it easy to use, but you’ll also get consistent results without needing advanced barista skills. Thanks to the control panel, there are only a few steps for any drink you want to make, including hot chocolate, hot milk, hot froth, or cold foam. Let’s examine how to use the machine.

Step One – Choose The Appropriate Whisk

There are three parts to the whisk set, and you can assemble them according to the drink you’re making.

There’s a milk-heating whisk, which has a flat base. Attach the spring ring, and you have the milk frothing whisk. Finally, if you attach the cover, it will maximize the froth efficiency for denser foam.

Therefore, if you’re looking for thinner foam for latte or a flat white, use the flat base whisk. However, add the spring attachment if you want to create foam for a cappuccino. Use them all if you want the foamiest frothed milk the machine can make.

Step Two – Fill The Jug With Fresh Cold Milk

Place your chosen whisk into the jug, then add the cold milk. Starting at a lower temperature gives the machine more scope for texturing the milk before it reaches the preset temperature.

Step Three – Choose The Frothing And Temperature Settings

Choose the temperature and froth thickness settings according to your taste.

Step Four – Press The Power Button To Start

With everything set, press the power button, and the machine will get to work. Once the frothing is complete, the machine will beep five times to indicate it is finished.

The more milk you’re frothing and the hotter the temperature, the longer it will take. However, it should only take between two and five minutes.

While the machine’s frothing the milk, you can add cocoa powder, matcha powder, or other flavorings to customize the froth.

Step Five – Pour The Milk Froth To Make Specialty Coffee

Thanks to the proper jug spout, the milk is very easy to pour, allowing you to do so in a way appropriate for the drink you’ve chosen to make.

Our Favorite Recipes

Here are some of our favorite recipes. Of course, you can alter the temperature, froth thickness setting, and whisk to suit your tastes.

Hot Chocolate

  • Temperature – 140°F
  • Froth Level – Max
  • Whisk – Milk-frothing whisk with cover

Set up the machine and begin frothing. While doing so, two spoons of chocolate powder into the milk and cover the lid. It will quickly stir the chocolate into the milk perfectly and consistently.

Caffe Latte

  • Temperature – 140°F
  • Froth Level – Low
  • Whisk – Milk-frothing whisk

Pull an espresso shot from your espresso or Nespresso machine, or make strong coffee with a Moka pot.

Gently swirl the milk jug to blend the foam and milk for a glossy texture, then pour the milk froth on the espresso.

For non-dairy milk, use the milk frothing whisk or choose medium or max thickness options. You can also add caramel or vanilla syrups to flavor your drink.

Latte Macchiato

  • Temperature – 140°F
  • Froth Level – Max
  • Whisk – Milk-frothing whisk

Froth the milk, then pour it into a tall glass. Add an espresso shot, and you’ll get a layer in the middle of the milk for a beautiful-looking latte macchiato.


  • Temperature – 140°F
  • Froth Level – Max
  • Whisk – Milk-frothing whisk

When the milk froth is ready, pour the warm milk into the cup by blocking the foam with the lid. Then, pour the foam on top and enjoy.

Vanilla Cold Foam

  • Temperature – Room temperature
  • Froth Level – Max
  • Whisk – Milk-frothing whisk with cover

This will make sweet cold foam similar to the kind you get at Starbucks.

Fill cold whole milk into the jug. Add a pump of vanilla syrup and start frothing. You can then top your cold brew coffee or latte with the cold foam. You can make matcha, salted caramel, or pumpkin cream cold foam with the other syrups.

Our Verdict

The Maestri House milk frother is far more affordable than alternatives like the SMEG milk frother and Breville’s Milk Cafe, but it offers similar performance and frothing options.

It also pairs well with a Nespresso machine and is far superior to the Nespresso Aeroccino frother for a similar cost. Moreover, the machine is stylish, and the build quality is excellent.

Overall, it’s well worth buying if you don’t have an expensive espresso machine but enjoy delicious milk-based coffee drinks or a cup of hot chocolates.

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