Fill Your Home With Coffee Aroma!

Brew better coffee at home! How to get started? You are in the right place. We share the most practical coffee tips and guides for anyone who wants to brew coffee at home!

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Level 1: Super easy, no brainer, press the button, and done.

Coffee Maker with Grinder

One machine is all you need. Just pour the coffee beans into the built-in grinder, press the button, your coffee will be ready within 3 minutes.

Budget: $$

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Capsule Coffee Machine

If you are an espresso fan, want to get an intense Espresso shot in no time, or want to enjoy Cappuccino and other coffee beverages, a capsule machine is an excellent choice!

Budget: $$$

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Super-automatic Espresso Machine

If you want to enjoy a great cup of Espresso with fresh coffee beans and milk without hassles, a super-automatic espresso machine is available. It’s powerful and fully automatic.

Budget: $$$$$

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Level 2: A grinder is needed; need a few steps to brew a great cup of coffee, but still suitable for entry-level coffee lovers!

Choose the right grinder

At this level, you’ll need a grinder to grind the coffee beans before brewing. Manual grinder or electric grinder? Blade or burr grinder? What’s the best grind settings? Here you’ll find the answers. A good grinder is an essential part.

Budget: $~$$$

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Drip Coffee Maker

This type of drip coffee makers don’t include a built-in grinder. Partner with a proper grinder, you’ll have a cup of great coffee effortlessly.

Budget: $$

Pour Over Coffee

The minimal requirements: A dripper & filter paper. To make more consistent coffee, you’ll also need a scale, timer, gooseneck kettle. Hand made coffee becomes more popular in the past decade, like V60, Kalita wave and Chemex.

Budget: $

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French Press

Fill water and coffee grounds, press the plunger, that’s it. Super easy way to brew coffee, and it’s portable if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while camping or working, this little coffee maker worth consideration.

Budget: $

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Popular with coffee enthusiasts all over the world, a quick way to get delicious coffee. Another great portable coffee maker.

Budget: $

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Moka Pot

Stovetop espresso maker (AKA Moka pot) is very suitable for home brewing. It produces delicious strong and condensed espresso-style coffee.

Budget: $

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Level 3: Some techniques are required. Now you become a coffee enthusiast and want to explore in deeper.

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

Make a great cup of espresso using the higher level espresso machine with a milk frother. So you can get started to try Latte art and higher skills.

Budget: $$$$

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Latte Art

Want to pour latte art like a professional barista? Try to master the heart, rosetta and tulip latte art techniques? You need lots of practice and tips.

Professional Espresso Coffee Maker

Make delicious espresso like a professional barista in the Cafe, enjoy the best quality coffee at home.

Budget: $$$$$