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Level 1: Super easy. Press the button and done.

Coffee Maker with Grinder

One machine is all you need. Just pour the coffee beans into the built-in grinder, press the button, your coffee will be ready within 3 minutes.

Budget: $$

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Single-Serve Coffee Machine

If you want a quick cup of coffee without hassles, a single-serve coffee maker is your go to. Insert a coffee pod, press a button, and you’ll get a cup of coffee or espresso. Nespresso and Keurig are the most popular options for home use.

Budget: $

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Super-automatic Espresso Machine

A super-automatic espresso machine is available if you want to enjoy a great cup of espresso with fresh coffee beans and milk without hassles. It’s powerful and fully automatic.

Budget: $$$

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Level 2: A grinder is needed; need a few steps to brew a great cup of coffee, but still suitable for entry-level coffee lovers!

Choose the right grinder

At this level, you’ll need a grinder to grind the coffee beans before brewing. Manual grinder or electric grinder? Blade or burr grinder? What’s the best grind setting? Here you’ll find the answers. A good grinder is an essential part.

Cost: $~$$$

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Drip Coffee Maker

This type of drip coffee maker doesn’t include a built-in grinder. Partner with a proper grinder, you’ll have a cup of great coffee effortlessly.

Cost: $$

Pour Over Coffee

It only requires a dripper & filter paper. To make more consistent coffee, you’ll also need a scale, timer, gooseneck kettle. Hand-made coffee becomes more popular in the past decade, like V60, Kalita wave and Chemex.

Cost: $

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French Press

Fill water and coffee grounds, press the plunger, that’s it. Super easy way to brew coffee, and it’s portable if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while camping or working. This little coffee maker is worth consideration.

Cost: $

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Popular with coffee enthusiasts all over the world, a quick way to get delicious coffee. Another great portable coffee maker.

Cost: $

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Moka Pot

Stovetop espresso maker (AKA Moka pot) is very suitable for home brewing. It produces delicious strong and condensed espresso-style coffee.

Cost: $

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Level 3: Some techniques are required. Now you have become a coffee enthusiast and want to explore in deeper.

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

Make a great cup of espresso using the higher level espresso machine with a milk frother. So you can get started to try Latte art and higher skills.

Cost: $$$

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Latte Art

Want to pour latte art like a professional barista? Try to master the heart, rosetta, and tulip latte art techniques? You need lots of practice and tips.

Professional Espresso Coffee Maker

Make delicious espresso like a professional barista in the Cafe with a prosumer machine, enjoy the best quality coffee at home.

Cost: $$$

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