Timemore Electric Kettle Review – A Great Pour over Gooseneck Kettle?

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Timemore is gaining some reputation in the manual brewing market in recent years. We enjoy using their hand grinders and black mirror coffee scale for our daily coffee brewing.

We also bought the Timemore electric gooseneck kettle and have been using it for a few months. In this hands-on review, we will show you whether it is worth your consideration.

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We are not sponsored by Timemore. We paid for the products with our own budget.

Timemore Fish Electric Pour-Over Kettle Review

Timemore Kettle Summary


  • Great pouring control
  • Aesthetic design and intuitive user interaction
  • Nice slider panel panel
  • Large temperature range from 113 to 212 °F (45 to 100 °C) with 1°C accuracy


  • Small capacity for only 2 cups of coffee at a time
  • Only display in Celsius, no Fahrenheit option

Aesthetics and Design

When it comes to aesthetics, the Timemore kettle is no doubt more stylish than traditional kettles. Like other Timemore products, this pour-over kettle has a minimalist design with a matte black finish. You can also choose a white version, which also looks elegant. The copper finish at the end of the handle adds a stylish element to the design. The overall feeling of the product outline is quite balanced and coordinated.

The base is simple and compact. You don’t have any buttons or dial knobs on the control panel. The touch-responsive buttons are hidden under the surface. When you touch the right corner of the base, the bright and clear LED display will light up. You can see the readout of the current and desired temperature. It’s the same design language as the Black Mirror coffee scale. We really like this uncluttered design even though it’s not as straightforward as other products. It comes with a transparent manual on the surface to instruct you at the beginning. Once you got familiar with the operation, you can pill it off.


The kettle is made of durable 304 food-grade stainless steel, the interior of the chamber is shiny and well polished. The lid is well made and easy to put on and off. What’s more, the air holes are hidden by the side to keep you safe from the vapor.

The build quality is not as premium as the more expensive kettles, but overall everything is well designed and thoughtfully considered.


The 600ML version has 1000W power, which can heat the water from room temperature 20 °C to 100 °C (68°F-212°F) within 3 minutes. The heating speed is faster than most electric kettles in the market.

A variable temperature gooseneck kettle lets you set the temperature precisely to what you want so that you can make better pour-over coffee at an optimal brewing temperature. Timemore electric kettle users the Strix technology temp control from the UK, with accuracy to 1-degree celsius. You can precisely adjust the water temperature within the range of 45 °C to 100 °C (113 °F to 212 °F) as you need.


It also features an automatic power-off to prevent dry burning. Timemore kettle does the water heating job well as a variable temp electric kettle in terms of control accuracy and heating speed.  

Pouring Experience

An ordinary kettle can heat water, but not all kettles can make a great pour-over coffee. That’s what a gooseneck kettle is designed for. The pouring experience is essential for a good gooseneck kettle.

Thanks to their patented goose neck spout and the steady water filtration structure, you will have a stable flow during the pouring process. In addition, the sharp shape ensures the 90-degree steady vertical water flow, makes it easier for beginners to master the pouring for better extraction.


The thin spout can get really close to the coffee bed, easier to drip the water to any place you point.

The handle’s contour lets you put your thumb on the top for more stability and grip the handle more comfortably.

The kettle weighs only 564 grams, and it won’t be heavy to hold even with a full pot of water.

As a pour-over kettle, Timemore also has a great pouring performance in our testing. The pouring experience is as good as the more expensive Stagg EKG and Brewista we reviewed before.

Other Great Features that Make Coffee Brewing Easier

Touch Bar Control

Instead of using the button or rotation dial, Timemore electric kettle uses an intuitive slider panel on the base. Swipe your finger left or right on the bar, and you can decrease or increase the desired temperature. However, we found it only changes about 5 °C when swiping from left to right. It also easier to clean with a flat surface. All you need is a soft cloth and wipe it.


Keep warm

When you tap the left corner of the base, you can activate the ‘hold temperature feature that keeps your water warm at the preset temperature for up to 1 hour. Whenever you have other stuff like the dripper, filter paper, coffee grounds prepared, you can pick up the kettle and start pouring the water at the optimal temperature.

Quiet Kettle

The kettle is quiet, and you won’t notice a loud gurgling noise when the water is boiling.



The small capacity of this kettle is the main drawback. The manufacturer claims the kettle can hold 600ml of water. However, you’ll find that the water flow becomes unstable when there’s not much water left in the chamber. Because of this, we usually refill the water for brewing the second cup of coffee.

The second problem is that the temperature is only displayed in Celsius. There’s no option for switching to Fahrenheit. This model is probably not targeting the North American market.

Value for Money?

Currently, the Timemore Fish electric kettle is not available on Amazon. We found it on Aliexpress and some coffee gear distributors in other regions. The price varies depending on where you buy it, and the average retail price is around $100. Timemore also offers a ‘Fish’ smart electric kettle with WIFI connectivity and mobile app support with a higher price tag.

It’s more expensive than many basic variable temp kettles such as Bonavita or Willsence. However, it’s more affordable than Brewista and Stagg EKG, with similar features and stylish designs and great user experiences.

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Our Verdict

Timemore Fish electric kettle is an excellent option for pour-over coffee brewing. It’s not competitive with the higher-end and more popular products such as Fellow Stagg EKG or Brewista Artisan kettle. However, it’s worth considering in terms of price and still has many great features that make your coffee brewing more enjoyable.

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