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A cup of coffee in the morning may work for some, but if you’re a bear in the morning– struggling to get up or getting stuff done–you may need something stronger–not energy drinks or other sugary, chemical-ridden alternatives, but stronger coffee.

To save you time trying to figure out what coffee gets the job done, we’ve compiled your complete guide to the strongest coffee in the world. From strong coffee basics to a list of the top 10 strongest coffees available, we’ve covered everything you need to learn more.

Most Caffeinated, Not The Taste

When it comes to strong coffee, some people may think the potency comes from the coffee’s flavor. However, strong coffee bases its potency on the drink’s caffeine content instead. 

For example, dark roast coffee’s flavor may taste strong, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s stronger than, say, a light roast, because the taste tells you nothing about the caffeine content. 

When we discuss the strongest coffee in this guide, we’re talking about highly caffeinated coffee which typically comes with a bold flavor. When considering what makes the strongest coffee, we look to the brands and beans that contain the highest caffeine content. If you are looking for better tasting coffee, check out our best coffee list for more options.

What Makes Coffee Stronger (High Caffeine)?

Many factors affect the coffee’s strength aside from the standard caffeine content associated with beans, although that is a major component. Other factors that influence a coffee’s strength include roast level, brew method, and grind size.  

Coffee Beans


While espresso is typically thought of as the most caffeinated coffee you can get, the beans have a greater influence on strength. Beans such as Arabica and Robusta have the highest caffeine content among the varying types. 

Arabica coffee originated in Ethiopia but has become one of the most popular coffees worldwide. This coffee has many varieties, but typically produces a fruity aroma and a lighter flavor whereas Robusta coffee is more bitter and, as the name implies, robust.

Even though Arabica coffee beans are more popular than Robusta, Robusta is cheaper and has twice the caffeine concentration. When it comes to the strongest coffee in the world, Robusta beans take the spot at number one.  

Roast Level

roast level

Here’s where a lot of people get confused with coffee caffeine content and flavor. People tend to think that dark roasts are stronger because they have a robust flavor profile, but actually lighter roasts have more caffeine. 

However, when looking for the strongest coffee, more often you can find medium to dark roast coffee. Many roasters prefer this roast level because of its less acidic, sweet flavor. They try to make the coffee taste strong while still contain high caffeine for the coffee drinkers. This can be achieved by selecting high-caffeinated beans.

Since from the psychological aspect, people may feel less caffeinated when they enjoy the sweet, acidic flavor of the light roast coffee. Even the light or blond roast beans contain more caffeine content.

Brewing Method

Different brewing methods affect the caffeine content in the final product. Espresso requires finely ground coffee, but only a 1:2 coffee to water ratio. So, you pack a lot of caffeine into such a compact amount. However, serving sizes vary for brew methods; therefore, we can’t say espresso has more caffeine than French press since the drink is only served in a two-ounce cup, whereas French press coffee can dispense a hefty 12 fluid ounce cup.

The water to coffee ratio also matters when you brew yourself a cup. Some brew methods require large amounts of coffee, such as French press and cold brew coffee.

When it comes down to what brew method has the highest caffeine content, the answer depends on how much you drink and your brew ratio. Generally speaking, you can take in a decent amount of caffeine from espresso, French press, and pour-over.

Grind Size

grind size

The grind size affects coffee’s flavor and caffeine content. The finer the grounds you use, the more contact surface you get. This means it’s easier for water to extract the flavor compounds along with the caffeine from the coffee.

However, you can’t use finely ground coffee for every brew type. Finely ground coffee is only suitable for espresso or some other brew methods like Turkish coffee. Other brewing methods, such as pour-over and French press, need coarse grinds for the best taste. 

Since French press, and pour over sit for a little bit, coarser grounds allow the water to soak into the grinds. Even though the coffee gets the chance to soak, the water doesn’t extract nearly as much potency as espresso does when interacting with finely ground coffee.

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?

Caffeine comes with plenty of side effects such as increased heart rate, anxiety, restlessness, and more. Having too much caffeine can adversely impact your health and your heart. The FDA recommends a 400mg maximum of caffeine per day for adults which equates to roughly four or five coffee cups. 

Caffeine Infographic

Source from the The University of Newcastle, Australia [1]

However, people react differently to coffee caffeine levels. For example, someone who is pregnant or on a specific medication tends to be more sensitive to caffeine’s effects than someone in good health and drinks coffee frequently. 

Metabolism also plays a factor in one’s daily caffeine intake. Some individuals may not metabolize caffeine as quickly as others. This means they may feel the effects more intensely or for longer than someone who metabolizes the drug without a problem. 

The FDA warns that too much caffeine can lead to toxic effects, such as seizures and even death (although deaths from too much caffeine are rare). The absolute maximum, reaching dangerous levels, is 1200mg.

The stronger the coffee you drink, the less you should drink in quick succession since it has high caffeine levels. But, that’s not to say you can’t drink strong coffees. If you love a nice cup of strong coffee to wake you up in the morning or to motivate you, take a look at our list of the top 10 strongest coffee of 2023 below. 

Top 10 Strongest Coffee In The World

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 strongest coffee based on research into the product’s descriptions, manufacture labeling, and customer reviews. 

Most importantly, we dove into which coffee brands have the highest caffeine content, to begin with, to narrow down the ever-expansive list. Take a look below to find out more about the world’s strongest coffee. 

1. Death Wish Coffee

Here lies your standard drip coffee. May it rest in peace when you take a sip of some Death Wish Coffee. With 728 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, Death Wish Coffee packs a punch of energy into its beans. To achieve an increased caffeine level, the company uses both Robusta and Arabica beans in its product. The coffee Death Wish is USDA-certified organic and Fair Trade.

Despite its potency, Death Wish coffee isn’t overly bitter or acidic. Instead, you can expect notes of fruity cherry and rich chocolate. The company packages its product with two options to choose from, whole bean or grounds. If you choose the whole beans, you can influence the caffeine levels further depending on how you grind them. 

For the optimal caffeine boost without ruining the carefully curated flavor profile of Death Wish Coffee, the company recommends using two and a half tablespoons of coffee grounds per six ounces of water when you brew.   

2. Banned Coffee

Based on this coffee’s bold, bright and berry-noted flavor, you might wonder how it got the name “Banned Coffee.” However, once you realize the insane caffeine amount in this coffee, you’ll understand. 

Banned Coffee uses Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to create a high-voltage coffee with roughly 400 mg of caffeine per cup. According to proven lab testing, a lowly two and a half tablespoon helping contains 238 mg, far greater than a standard coffee cup and Deathwish Coffee. That’s two to three times the amount of caffeine found in bottled energy drinks.

Banned Coffee has no shortage of flavor either. This bean blend comes in a medium or dark roast that provides a bright taste with notes of berries and chocolate and none of the acidity you typically find in bold roasts. You can even get Banned Coffee in a pumpkin spice blend.  

Banned Coffee not only tastes good but will give you the energy that lasts. A single cup can fuel your ambitions and keep you motivated throughout the day. After two cups? You’ll soar through work that takes you hours in minutes. After three cups? There’s only one way to find out.  

3. Biohazard Coffee

Something with “biohazard” in the name seems worrying. Who wants to drink something with a hazard warning on it? Well, Biohazard Coffee will get you hooked from that first sip and give you the energy you need to tackle whatever the day throws at you. 

Biohazard Coffee is a pre-ground coffee made from Robusta beans for a bold, smooth flavor and the caffeine content is two times as high as that in energy drinks. A 12 oz cup contains 928 mg of caffeine without a bitter or acidic flavor. This info means that a single 120z cup can give you a stellar energy boost to get you going in the morning. 

Not only does this coffee give you a jolt of energy in the morning, but its effects also last well into the day. Instead of going back and forth to the coffee maker, you can brew a cup of Biohazard Coffee. 

4. Black Insomnia Coffee

Who needs sleep when you have coffee? Black Insomnia Coffee has a whopping 1105 mg of caffeine per 12 oz serving. That’s a lot of caffeine to give you that extra boost you may want during early mornings or late nights–if you don’t want to sleep. 

Black Insomnia Coffee uses Arabica beans and Robusta coffee beans combined with an artisanal roasting process to achieve their high caffeine content. However, they don’t sacrifice flavor for caffeine’s sake. 

Black Insomnia Coffee comes in warm, comforting flavors, such as hazelnut, caramel, and dark chocolate to complement the drink’s bold flavor and cut the bitterness that accompanies a high-caffeine content. 

The company recommends using one tablespoon of coffee for every four ounces of water for the best caffeine to flavor ratio. Although, you can change this ratio depending on your taste preferences.

While some previous customers second-guessed the brand’s “world’s strongest” guarantee, the majority was pleasantly surprised when they experienced the vigorous jolt of caffeine hitting their bloodstream.  

5. Bones Coffee High Voltage Coffee

Just like an electric shock, Bones Coffee’s High Voltage Coffee electrocutes you with a jolt of caffeine from their double caffeinated coffee. Bones Coffee handpicks Arabica and Robusta beans and roasts them in small batches for a superior taste alongside the high caffeine content. 

A 12 oz serving of the High Voltage Coffee roast contains 1150 mg of caffeine without any added sugars to help. 

Not only do you get a massive caffeine helping, but the coffee tastes delicious too. Much like a medium or dark roast, Bones Coffee’s High Voltage Coffee provides a full-bodied flavor that’s smooth and rich. The grounds work well in an automatic coffee machine, French press, or espresso maker for maximum buzz. 

After one cup, you’ll feel the electrifying effects of Bones Coffee’s extra-caffeinated coffee coarse through your bloodstream. Just one cup is enough to give you energy all day. 

6. Black Label Coffee by Devil Mountain

This devilishly dark roasted coffee boasts a full-bodied, smooth flavor with extremely high caffeine content. Devil Mountain equips its various coffees with ranging power levels, but Black Label is by far the strongest. While the FDA recommends a safe and healthy 400 mg of caffeine, Black Label Coffee nearly quadruples that with 1550 mg per 12 oz cup.

Just one cup of Devil Mountain’s Black Label Coffee will give you a burst of energy to last all day without any of the jittery side effects associated with sugary energy drinks. Devil Mountain coffee uses organically sourced beans to curate a high-quality flavor profile and smooth brew every time.

When you purchase a Black Label Coffee bag, you can choose either whole or ground coffee to specialize your brew to your liking. No matter how you take your coffee, Devils Mountain ensures a quality cup every time.  

7. Shock Coffee

Work longer and work harder with Shock Coffee. This strong coffee brand will quite literally give you a caffeine shock with over 50% more caffeine in a single cup than typical coffee. You can drink it in the morning for an extra boost or before the gym to bolster your workout. Either way, Shock Coffee gets the job done quickly and efficiently. 

The brand doesn’t only care about caffeine. Shock Coffee has a bold flavor to satisfy picky pallets and combat any adverse effects caffeine usually has on taste. The flavor is so tasty, you won’t even need to add milk or cream to drink it. 

To assure the coffee has a palatable and pleasant taste, the company spared no expense to subject the coffee to thorough studies and tests before putting it on the market.

Instead of using additives to enhance the caffeine kick, Shock Coffee uses an Arabica and Robusta bean blend sourced from high-altitudes which also aids in taste. The company subjected the coffee to intense flavor testing to assure its premium taste.

8. Coffee SIN Performance Coffee

This coffee is sinfully good, not only because of its crazy high caffeine content but because of the various benefits you may get from drinking it. A 16 oz cup of Coffee SIN Performance Coffee contains 928 mg of caffeine, giving you a hefty jolt of energy. 

The SIN brand coffee boosts your metabolism and daily mental and physical performance along with the caffeine content. This coffee can help motivate you through tough workouts or monotonous day-to-day tasks. Its also packed full of antioxidants and other beneficial minerals to improve your overall health.

Coffee SIN Performance Coffee gives you energy and helps your health all in a single serving.  

9. VALHALLA JAVA Whole Bean Coffee

Another Death Wish product, you can expect Valhalla Java to pack a punch with its caffeine content. Unlike the Death Wish Coffee standard brand, Valhalla Java has slightly less caffeine per 12 oz at only 660 mg, compared to the previous bag’s 728 mg content. That said, this brand is nothing short of jolting. 

With a single 12oz cup, you’ll find yourself pleasantly afflicted with an energy burst that a standard coffee cup can’t provide. Not only will you feel the caffeine buzz, but you’ll get to sip on the carefully curated dark, rich flavor from Valhalla Java. 

The brand uses whole beans to provide fresh coffee every time. As a dark roast, you might expect an intense bitterness. But, this brew is surprisingly rich and sweet. With Valhalla Java, you’ll feel the strength of 1,000 Vikings flood your system. It’s the ideal cup of coffee to empower you throughout the day without sacrificing flavor. 

10. The Red Goat Whole Bean Coffee

Stay on red alert with The Red Goat Whole Bean Coffee. One look at the brand’s bag, and you’ll know you’re in for a sinfully good time. This whole bean coffee brand provides optimal freshness with every cup due to the high-quality beans and roasting services in a state-of-the-art facility in Europe. 

While some coffees sacrifice flavor for caffeine’s sake, The Red Goat does not. The dark roast whole bean coffee is bold yet fresh without bitterness. A single cup contains six times the amount of caffeine as an average cup of coffee, giving you all of the energy you need to wake up and stay awake throughout the day. 

From the first sip, you’ll feel The Red Goat’s caffeine work its way into your system. Even though it has slightly lower caffeine levels than some others, it’ll hit you like a goat’s hoof to the head. You can also find this coffee available on grounds and k-cups so you can drink your coffee how you want it. 

THE VERDICT – What Is The World’s Strongest Coffee?

Most of the coffee brands mentioned above claim themselves the ‘World’s strongest coffee‘ on their packing. From the coffee caffeine content, Black Label Coffee by Devil Mountain is the one. We think Death wish is good to get started due to its reputation, popularity, and high, but not too intense, caffeine content. 

Some listed products have insane caffeine contents ranging upwards of 1000mg while some have far less. Different people have different tolerance to caffeine–metabolism of caffeine is different–you may find different brands leaning in your favor but, when it comes down to the world’s strongest coffee, Black Label Coffee takes the cake.

Regardless of caffeine content, your feelings matter. Our product list contains varying coffees and caffeine contents, but all of the listed products are strong and tasty. Now, it’s time to figure out which coffee is the world’s strongest in your opinion. 




About Chris Clark

Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.