Hario Switch Review – Best Immersion Dripper?

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When people think of Hario, the V60 dripper often comes to mind. However, the company has an extensive range of coffee gear. In this guide, we will take a look at the Hario Switch immersion dripper introduced in 2019.

This coffee brewer employs a hybrid method of percolation and immersion brew. If that seems familiar, it could be because it’s similar to the Clever Dripper, which we’ve reviewed previously.

We’ve experimented with the Hario Switch for a while, and we think it’s one of the best domestic immersion brewers. Better still, it’s suitable for any skill level.

Let’s examine how we arrived at our conclusion.

We also made a short video showing you how to use Hario Switch, check it out.

Hario Switch Review

Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Set, 200ml
1,157 Reviews
Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Set, 200ml


  • Suitable for either novices or experts
  • It’s easy to brew excellent coffee consistently
  • Offers scope to try different brewing methods


  • Relatively expensive
  • The glass filter cone can break easily

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The Hario immersion dripper Switch looks similar to the better-known Hario V60. On top of the dripper, there’s a heat-resistant glass, cone-shaped dripper funnel with interior spiral ribs. Meanwhile, at the foot of the dripper is a silicone rubber base. Finally, at the bottom of the base is a small stainless steel ball that blocks or releases the water flow at the flick of a switch.


The immersion dripper is built in Japan. Meanwhile, although the heatproof glass filter cone is breakable, it is constructed to a high standard, so it shouldn’t break unless you drop it onto a hard surface. Also, the switch is PCT resin, so you shouldn’t push it too hard to release the water. The switch is detachable, too, don’t worry if it comes off the base – you can easily reattach it.


How Does The Hario Switch Work?

The mechanism of the Hario Switch dripper is actually very simple, and so is the coffee brewing process. 

The switch beneath the base controls the brewing process. When the switch is flicked up, the ball in the dripper blocks the base of the cone. This allows the water to fully interact with the grounds in the upper cone, which is similar to steeping in a French press. However, when you flick the switch down, the ball moves up, leaving a gap for the liquid to pass through. The extracted coffee reaches your filter paper and drips into the cup, just like the Hario V60.

If you like to make a pour-over coffee, you can keep the switch down during the whole brewing process. And then it turns into a V60 dripper.


The Hario Switch is also similar to the previously reviewed Clever Dripper in that the latter has a valve that only releases the liquid when you place it on the cup. Of course, the equivalent of the valve in the Hario Switch is the stainless ball, and the additional switch offers more control over the immersion extraction.


Brew Sizes

The Hario Switch is available in two sizes, the SSD-200 and SSD-360. These are the same size as the Hario V60 02 and 03. Meanwhile, the Hario V60’s paper filters are compatible with the Hario Switch. So, you just need to ensure that the filters you use are the same size as your dripper.

The SSD-200 holds a maximum of 300ml water if you fill it to the edge, which can brew an 8-oz cup (236ml) of coffee without problems. Therefore, if you want to brew larger batches of coffee, the SSD-360 is your best option because it holds 16 oz (473ml) max of water, which equates to nearer two cups of coffee. Their base is the same, so you can swap the cones if you have both.


Coffee Quality And Flavor

In general, coffee makers using percolation methods, including the Hario V60, Kalita Wave, and Chemex, produce clean coffee with light bodies and bright acidity. Conversely, immersion brewing methods, including cold brew and French press, offer beverages with minimal acidity and fuller bodies.

The Hario immersion dripper offers a hybrid of these two methods. The immersion aspect of the brewing process increases the strength of the coffee and the complexity of its flavor. Meanwhile, the paper filter blocks the coffee oils and smaller particles to brew a cleaner and sweeter coffee. As long as you use freshly roasted coffee beans, you can expect a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in a few minutes.


Ease Of Use

Indeed, it’s the ultimate fail-proof dripper that lets you brew gorgeous coffee hassle-free and without needing a refined pouring technique. However, if you’re a more advanced coffee snob, the immersion brewer offers great brewing control and allows you to indulge your expertise, too.


We shared our Hario Switch recipe, so you can find more details.

Value For Money

The Hario Switch is practical, a great performer, and produces a good cup of coffee. However, this comes at a price. Indeed, it costs more than other Hario drippers. It’s also more expensive than its primary competitor, the Clever Dripper.

However, the Hario Immersion Brewer Switch is so versatile that you can use it as a Hario V60 dripper and a Clever Dripper. If you observe the price through this lens, it’s a bargain!

Our Verdict

The Hario Switch is a great dripper for home coffee brewing. It’s user-friendly, versatile, and suitable for beginners or experienced brewers alike. Best of all, it consistently brews a great cup of coffee.

When you’re pushed for time, you can simply add your coffee and water, leave it to steep for two to four minutes, then flick the switch. Soon after, you’ll be enjoying a fantastic cup of coffee and with little manual effort. However, when you have more time, you can experiment with different brewing methods.

In short, the Hario Switch is a rare coffee machine indeed – one that acts as a great all-rounder in several key ways, but that doesn’t compromise on the most important element of all… the quality of the finished coffee!

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