AeroPress Review – Is It A Practical Coffee Maker?


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If you are one of the espresso aficionados, but you don’t have an espresso machine at home or don’t really want to get one. Is there any suitable alternative? Here is your choice. The AeroPress is the best way to make espresso-like coffee. It’s cheap, easy, and versatile. More importantly, it can really make a perfect cup of coffee, and you will fall in love with it.

In this in-depth AeroPress coffee maker review, I’ll show you everything you need to know about this handy coffee brewer and why it is worth your attention.

What is the AeroPress Coffee Maker?

AeroPress is a durable, compact and lightweight manual coffee maker invented by Alan Adler in 2005. It was originally designed as a quick brew method, and the brewing process takes only 1 minute. It lets the coffee grounds immerse in hot water in the brew chamber for a short time and forces the coffee out by pushing a plunger. You can get strong and condensed flavor using finer coffee grounds. At first, many people considered it a great and cheap alternative to espresso machines and called it AeroPress coffee and espresso maker.

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As AeroPress became popular, coffee geeks invented more creative brewing methods using this coffee maker. Due to its compact size, AeroPress is also the favorite travel coffee maker of all time.

If you are interested in the story behind the AeroPress, check out this Alan Adler interview.

Who should consider the AeroPress?

AeroPress is the best choice for the following coffee enthusiasts:

  • Coffee lover who wants to have great coffee anywhere while camping or traveling.
  • Espresso drinker who lives on espresso and are looking for rich flavor but don’t want to buy an expensive espresso machine.
  • Coffee drinkers who are on a budget.
  • Anyone who likes trying new things and experimenting with different brew methods.
  • Coffee drinkers who like good coffee but hate the hassles just want an easy-to-clean and efficient device.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

What Model does AeroPress offer?

Currently, two models are available: The original version and the Go version.

AeroPress Go is the travel version, which is smaller and lighter with a built-in mug. The overall design and usage are the same as the original version, except for the brewing capacity. The AeroPress Go version is slightly more expensive than the original version.

What does the AeroPress come with?

Here is what the AeroPress comes with when you unbox the package. A brew chamber, plunger, funnel, stirrer, a measuring scoop, 350 pieces of paper filters, a filter holder. In the AeroPress Go, you have an extra mug and lid. Those are everything you need to make coffee using the AeroPress coffee maker. Of course, you’ll need to prepare the water and ground coffee yourself.

unbox aeropress

Material – What is AeroPress Made of

The Aeropress is made of PBA-free polypropylene and silicone. Is it safe to use with hot water? The FDA approved the materials used in all the plastic parts for safe use with foods and beverages.[1]

Those plastic parts are very durable, and you don’t need to worry about dropping them on the ground. As long as you use them properly, they can serve you fantastic coffee for years.

The AeroPress Design

At first glance, the AeroPress looks like a large syringe. Is it good-looking? Not really. It’s not as elegant as other coffee makers. However, it is becoming another iconic coffee maker like the French Press, Chemex, and Moka pot in their own field and gaining an important position in the coffee world.

inverted brewing

Alan Adler focused on convenience, flexibility and portability when designing this coffee press device. It may not look as charming as other coffee makers on your countertop, but it is designed to be with you anywhere you go and serve you a great cup of coffee whenever you want.

Actually, the manufacturer changed the design a few times since its release in 2005. Now, the latest version is light grey, and the numbering on the brew chamber is changed from gold foil to red. But the overall shape remains the same as it was.

Ease of use

If you follow the official manual, you can make a cup of coffee in 1 minute or so. Yes, it’s super easy to use, even for beginner coffee fans. You don’t need to invest in any extra gear. The measuring scoop and number mark on the tube are tested and designed for anyone to get started quickly.

The AeroPress is easy to set up. Put the filter paper in the cap, screw the cap to the brew chamber. Add coffee grounds and hot water, press the plunger, and you’re done. This is the inventor Alan Adler’s initial design idea, who wanted to find a more efficient device and brew method to make coffee at home.

Once you mastered the beginner brewing skills, you can think out of the box and try different brewing methods. In this case, it requires a learning curve. There are countless recipes online that you can follow and explore.

You can follow the World AeroPress Championship-winning recipes to brew coffee like a professional barista or create your own AeroPress receipt. This AeroPress Instruction shows you the basic and one of the champion recipes; you’ll learn the brew time, ratio, grind size, and more details. Here I listed the top Aeropress tips to help you brew better coffee.

AeroPress Coffee taste – Can it make a perfect cup of coffee?

It’s hard to describe the taste of AeroPress coffee since there are tons of different recipes. You can make almost any type of coffee using this coffee brewer.

Generally speaking, the paper filter blocks the coffee oils like the pour-over and Chemex, enhancing the coffee’s cleanliness and brightness. What’s more, it can produce coffee without bitterness with a short contact time so that you can enjoy a smooth cup of joe.

However, you may find the AeroPress coffee is not as full-bodied as we can expect from the other brewing methods like the French press or Moka pot coffee. Overall, it can produce great enough coffee for our daily caffeine drinks.

Brewing Flexibility – Can it make espresso or other coffee?

AeroPress coffee and espresso are not the same. The AeroPress can’t make the real espresso. The pressure is not anywhere near the 9-par standard. However, AeroPress can indeed produce an intense espresso-style coffee if you use fine grinds and the proper amount of water.

It is no exaggeration to say that AeroPress is the most versatile coffee brewer. You can make coffee in different ways. For example, if you use the coarse grind and a long immersion time, you’ll get a French press style coffee. Or if you dilute the condensed coffee with hot water, you’ll get a cup of Americano. You can effortlessly turn the AeroPress into a cold brew coffee dripper using the PuckPuck accessory. If you like fuller-bodied, you can also try the metal filter instead of the paper.

9 Ways To Make Coffee With the AeroPress – by European Coffee Trip


AeroPress is your perfect companion when traveling or enjoying outdoor activities. It’s a compact and lightweight coffee maker. The original one is 11.5 oz, while the Go version is only 8 oz. It’s made of plastic, so it won’t break like the ceramic or glass brewers. You can easily pack the AeroPress into your backpack and go anywhere with it.

Both versions are small enough to go anywhere with you.


The original AeroPress’s brew chamber holds 10 oz (296 ml) of coffee, while the AeroPress Go only holds 8 oz (237 ml). That means you can have 1-3 cups of espresso-like drinks each time. If you use the inverted method, let the brew chamber sit on the plunger. The plunger will take some space, resulting in even less room for the water. Normally, it’s suitable for a single cup each time.

Ease of cleaning

It’s super easy to clean the AeroPress. After brewing coffee with the AeroPress, remove the filter cap and push the coffee out. When you remove the plunger from the brew chamber, it will wipe out the leftover grounds as well. Then rinse it with warm water. If you often use dark roasted coffee, the coffee oil will make the tube and seal sticky. You can use a little bit of dish soap to clean it. Also, you can put the AeroPress on the top shelf of your dishwasher. After using for months, it’s also great to remove the rubber seal from the plunger and clean it thoroughly.

Value for Money

AeroPress is a very affordable coffee maker. At maybe 1/10 of the cost for the entry-level espresso machine, you can enjoy the rich, condensed coffee flavor like the real espresso. And it also brings you lots of fun in making coffee. It is well worth every penny you spend. At the same price, you can buy a regular pour-over dripper or a French press. Just one thing: no matter what coffee makers you use, it’s always good to use freshly ground coffee. It would be best to consider getting a good coffee grinder, which can always increase your coffee quality.

The Verdict – AeroPress is a handy coffee maker that can give you delicious coffee

AeroPress is one of the best inventions for coffee lovers. It proved itself a great coffee brewer and became a popular brewing method, even a new coffee culture. You can play around with it and make dozens of different coffee, such as cold brew, French press, Americano, espresso-like coffee, and more. It’s flexible, lightweight, and one of the best travel coffee makers.

* While the AeroPress offers versatility in brewing styles if you’re interested in exploring another innovative brewing method, check out our Tricolate review for a unique approach to coffee extraction.

AeroPress Accessories

Many manufacturers provide third-party accessories to increase the experience and fun of AeroPress coffee. Here are the most popular products:

1. Fellow Prismo

This attachment forced the coffee through the special valve to create a flavor closer to the espresso. It replaces the original paper filter, adding a fuller body and more ‘crema’ to your AeroPress coffee.

2. Altura Premium Mesh Filter

This reusable metal filter replaces the paper filter. You’ll get a fuller flavor since it allows the coffee oils into your cup. It’s great for traveling, so you don’t need to pack dozens of paper filters. More importantly, it’s more environmentally friendly.

3. PuckPuck

This small gadget turns your AeroPress into a cold brew dripping device. It’s easy to use, let the PUCKPUCK sit on your brew chamber, and attach the bottle to the PUCKPUCK. It allows you to adjust the coffee drip rate. You can fill the bottle with water or ice. You’ll get a smooth cup of cold brew coffee with lower acidity.

FAQ about AeroPress

Where is the AeroPress Manufactured?

Both the Aeropress original and Go versions including all the materials are made in the USA.

Can you replace the parts instead of buying a new AeroPress?

Yes, you can buy all the replacement parts and replace them if they are aging or damaged instead of purchasing a brand-new one. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty.

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.