Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Review – The Best Budget Coffee Grinder?

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If you’ve been used to buying pre-ground coffee but would like to begin grinding the beans yourself, congratulations. In that case, you’re a big step of the way to experiencing far superior coffee.

However, one of the reasons many people opt for pre-ground coffee is that coffee grinders are often expensive. The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill bucks that trend, as it’s priced in a range that even those on a relatively tight budget will be able to afford. Because of this, it looks like an excellent option whether to replace your old machine or make your first foray into coffee grinding. It’s the best budget coffee grinder in our top picks.

Of course, if you fall into the latter category, research is vital to acquire the best coffee grinder for your needs. This detailed buying guide for the Cuisine DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder aims to inform you about the grinder’s pros and cons and its features to leave you in the best possible position to make an informed purchasing decision.

Review of the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

There are many reasons we like the DBM-8 coffee grinder, notably its low price, sleek and compact design, ease of use. And its use of a burr mill instead of blades, making for a better grind quality compared with the blade grinders. We will list all the aspects you should consider in this Cuisinart DBM-8 review.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Summary

Things we like:

  • 18-position Grind Selector
  • Great Price, a very affordable option
  • Super easy to use
  • Block Burr Grinder, better than blade grinders

Things need improvement:

  • Loud noise
  • ‘Static cling’ problem in the ground chamber

Overall Design Features

Cuisinart coffee grinder has tailored the design of this grinder with the novice in mind. This means it’s easy to use. Not only that, but it’s small and compact so that it won’t take up much counter space. It looks good too.

Burr Quality

Many coffee grinders come with flat or conical burrs. However, this particular burr grinder is designed with the newbie in mind and is on the low end of the pricing scale. Therefore, it uses ceramic block burrs. Not surprisingly, these burrs are not as high in quality as the flat or conical burrs. The ceramic burrs rely on small knobs to grind the beans. However, during the grinding process, they are noisier and produce more fines than the burrs you’d find in a more expensive machine.

Despite these limitations, the burrs are still preferable to blades as they are more likely to produce uniform coffee grounds, and they don’t generate as much heat because of the friction you’d find with blades. As a result, the coffee it grinds will retain its original flavor as its temperature won’t rise during the grinding process.

Aesthetic Design

One area the DBM-8 coffee grinder is on a par with Cuisinart’s higher-end products is in its finish. The Cuisinart DBM-8 has a contemporary brushed stainless steel finish, meaning it will fit in well among your other kitchen appliances.


Weighing around 4.5 pounds, the Cuisinart DBM-8 burr grinder measures 6.00in L x 7.13in W x 10.75in H when the hopper is attached. In other words, this is a lightweight grinder that also benefits from being compact and discreet, making it ideal for those with limited counter space and for efficient storage.


The plastic bean hopper that comes with the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder is made from plastic and is removable, with a capacity of 8 oz.

Meanwhile, the grind chamber is also plastic and can hold 32 cups of coffee. However, there is one significant disadvantage to the bean hopper and grind chamber – they are not airtight. For that reason, we recommend finding an airtight container to store your fresh coffee beans and ground coffee so that it retains its quality and freshness.

Grinding Noise Levels

Unfortunately, the Cuisinart burr grinder is quite loud while grinding, so if you don’t want to disturb others first thing in the morning, you might want to opt for a quieter grinder. While loudness is common in most electric grinders, more expensive models have the option of speed reduction to lower the decibels. A more robust design would help in this regard, but the trade-off would be that you’d pay more for it.

Ease of Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, the hopper and hopper lid is removable, and it comes with a cleaning brush attached to the spoon. This is useful when it comes to cleaning your Cuisinart DBM-8, which, like other burr grinders, will need cleaning every so often for the best performance. Also, the top burr comes out with the hopper as it is attached to the base. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to clean a coffee grinder.

Because the grinder is plastic, it is susceptible to static. This isn’t a massive problem in itself, but the container (also made of plastic) holding the grinds is prone to a static build-up. Because of this, we recommend extra care when opening the grind chamber as the static can cause the grinds to fly out of it, causing a counter-top mess. We feel a metal holder or plastic less prone to static build-up would have been a better design option.

Safety Features

We all make mistakes in preparing coffee from time to time, particularly when we’re new to it. However, you can rest easier knowing that the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder has the built-in safety features that ensures the grinder will only start with a properly placed grounds bin and hopper. Phew!

Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder

Ease Of Use

Because Cuisinart has designed the DBM-8 with the novice in mind, it is reasonably easy to use. Just plug it in, place your beans in the hopper, and ensure the grounds bin has is loaded correctly. From there, all you need to do is twist the hopper to the grind settings you would like to use, select anywhere from 4 to 18 cups using the slide dial, and press the start button, it will automatically stop when a grind cycle is completed.

One note of advice when selecting the number of cups to grind for: the cup-selector acts like a timer, meaning it merely grinds for longer the more cups you choose. So, use your judgment about how strong you want your coffee to be, rather than going by the number of cups you choose.

If you’d like to stop the grinding process before it finishes (for example, if you only want to grind enough to make one or two cups), just turn the cup-selector switch off.

Grind Consistency and Quality

One of the great things about the Cuisinart DBM-8 burr grinder is it opens up the possibility of enjoying freshly ground coffee to everyone. True, the consistency with which it grinds isn’t to the same standard as more expensive conical grinders, but it still represents a better option than the blade grinders.

This burr grinder comes equipped with 18 adjustments for grind settings, ranging from “fine” to “coarse.” The makers suggest that it can even grind for espresso. However, don’t expect it to be of the same quality as the espresso you’d find in your local coffee shop. While it will be possible to make espresso on the Cuisinart DBM-8’s finest setting, you’ll need a pressurized portafilter to get away with it.

If you’d like to grind for French Press, you’ll need to opt for the coarse grind settings. Even then, this coffee grind suffers from some inconsistency as it grinds, so don’t be surprised if, because of the block burrs, it produces a lot of fines even when you select the extra coarse setting. As a result, French Press coffee will likely leave a significant amount of sludge. The finer particles steep in hot water for a long time will be over-extracted and cause more bitterness. 

In terms of its speed, the DBM-8 certainly hits the mark. Indeed, Cuisinart says that it takes about 40 seconds to grind 12 cups of coffee, with 18 cups only taking 55 seconds. Again, though, keep in mind the timer nature of the cup-selector when judging for yourself.


Because this grinder is one of the cheapest on the market, you probably shouldn’t expect it to last forever. However, the quality of the build is still decent. However, it’s not in the same league, quality-wise, as the best burr grinders. Nevertheless, the key to it lasting for a couple of years is to look after it and clean it properly.

Thankfully, the Cuisinart DBM-8 comes with an 18-month warranty offering some peace of mind. However, if the grinder becomes faulty or breaks entirely after that period (or if the warranty doesn’t cover the fault), the best bet would be to buy a new one.

review cuisinart dbm 8

Value for Money

The Cuisinart DBM-8 burr grinder is slightly more expensive than a cheap blade grinder and costs around the same as some hand grinders, making it excellent value for money. This means that for just a little more money than a blade grinder, you can get a significantly better quality cup of coffee from a drip machine.

In fact, the Cuisinart supreme grind coffee grinder represents such good value that it won’t cost much more than a round of coffees at your local coffee shop.

Any Alternative?

If You’re Looking For The Best Quality Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Encore is far superior to the DBM-8 for those who only want the best entry-level coffee grinder. It has a better build quality and conical burr and motor design, you won’t be frustrated with the loud noise and the coffee dust. Also, it offers 40 grind settings to fit different brewing methods and produces excellent consistency.

If You Want A Coffee Grinder With Better Overall Quality

While more pricey than the Cuisinart, the Capresso Infinity offers a better quality of grind and is also quieter and more versatile. It’s cheaper than the Baratza Encore. It’s in the middle of the price range between Cuisinart DBM-8 and Baratza Encore. Check out our Capresso Infinity coffee grinder review here >>

If You Want A Consistent Grind At A Cheap Price

Manual burr grinders rival expensive electric grinders for consistency, and they are far cheaper. However, you will need to put plenty of effort in to achieve the desired results. For those willing to expend the necessary muscle power, the manual like Hario Skerton Pro or Timemore Chestnut C2 can produce a coarse enough grind for a cold brew and fine enough for espresso.

The Verdict – Cuisinart Supreme Grind Is An Affordable Electric Coffee Grinder For Beginners

If you’re a huge coffee fan and start to grind fresh coffee beans at home, the Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill can accompany your more expensive drip coffee machine. Meanwhile, it is also a great option for the beginner, making it a solid all-rounder.

Generally speaking, the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is an excellent option if you’re just interested in making good coffee easily. However, for those wanting excellent espresso, perfect pour-over coffee, or sludge-free French Press, the DBM-8 will be found wanting. Also, for coffee aficionados more invested in technical performance, such as the ratio of coffee-to-water, extraction rate, and the best brewing temperature, you should consider a higher-end option. Still, with that caveat, freshly ground coffee is always superior to pre-ground coffee, and those block burrs will ensure better coffee than a grinder with blades regardless.

FAQ About Cuisinart Supreme Grind

Does The DBM-8 Come Equipped With A Conical Burr?

No. Instead, it uses ceramic block burrs. These aren’t as good as the stainless steel flat or conical burrs as they generate more fines while grinding. Because of this, the Cuisinart DBM-8 grind mill doesn’t compare favorably with lower-end conical coffee grinders because of inconsistent and lower-quality grinds. However, it is superior to a blade grinder.

Can I Use the Cuisinart DBM-8 Coffee Grinder As A Grind Mill?

Technically speaking, yes, you can use the Cuisinart Supreme Grind as a normal grind mill for other substances such as nuts, spices. However, a coffee grinder is designed for grinding coffee beans only. Grinding the hard stuff may dull the burr. Also, this grinder has static cling, it’s not easy to clean out all the leftover grounds after using it as a grind mill, you don’t want to affect the coffee taste with other flavors.

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