STARESSO Discovery II Review: Does This Battery-operated Grinder Work?


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If you’re familiar with Staresso, it’s likely because of their Staresso Plus portable espresso maker. Now, it has a new partner, the Staresso Discovery grinder – a battery-powered electric grinder.

For anyone looking for a portable grinder without the hassle of manual grinding, this could be a fantastic option.

Check my detailed review on our YouTube Channel.

In this hands-on review, I’m excited to share my experience and testing results with the Staresso Discovery grinder. Let’s dive in!

Staresso Discovery Grinder

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Unboxing the Discovery Two

Let’s start with the unboxing. Here’s my unboxing video on YouTube. You have a cleaning brush and a travel bag in the box. 

Design and Build

The Staresso Discovery grinder itself feels solid and well-constructed, made of metal, with a sleek and straightforward design. 

On top is the motor, which features a single button for operation, four battery indicator lights to show the remaining battery life, and a Type-C port for charging. 


It has a twist-to-unlock mechanism for the motor. The motor powers the grinder’s shaft at a speed comparable to manual grinding. 


The grinder comes with a screw-on catch cup that can hold about 20 grams of coffee grounds. This capacity is sufficient for a single brew, whether you’re making espresso or pour-over coffee.

It’s easy to take apart for deep cleaning, just like a hand grinder.


The internal construction is also solid. The central shaft has dual bearings and does not wobble while grinding.


The Discovery Two features a 38mm hexagonal conical burr set, which is faster than the pentagonal burr in the Discovery hand grinder. The burrs are well-made, and the internal design of the grinder is impressive.

Overall, the grinder looks great and feels durable. However, if they improve the design of the button and charging port on top, it will look more premium.

Portability and Size

Size-wise, the Discovery Two is not much larger than a typical hand grinder. It weighs only 683 grams. Compared to 518 grams for Staresso hand grinder, it is still very portable. 


One feature I wish it had is a hand crank for use when the battery runs out, but unfortunately, none of my handles fit the shaft size.

Grinding Performance and Settings

Staresso Discovery grinder uses ordinary internal adjustment. Remove the catch cup, and you will find a grind dial below the burr. 

With 48 grind settings and at least 12 settings for dialing in espresso, it offers ample flexibility for most home brewing methods. 


The grind recommendation 

The suggestions on the manual is quite accurate, making it easy for users to get started. 

Here are my preferred grind settings for different brew methods. 

  • Espresso with non-pressurized basket: 8-12 clicks
  • Espresso with pressurized basket:13-15 clicks
  • Pour Over or drip coffee: 26-34 clicks
  • French Press or cold brew: 35 clicks

Grinding Speed

I’ve tried other battery-operated grinders before, and the main issue is the grinding speed. They don’t compare to electric grinders. However, this grinder performs much better than the others.

It takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds to grind for espresso at setting 12, and only 50 seconds to grind for pour-over. The overall speed is quite acceptable.

  • For Espresso: 75 seconds
  • For Pour Over: 50 seconds

What’s more, the grinding noise is low—definitely not as loud as most electric grinders, but only a bit louder than hand grinders. You can feel free to use it even in an office setting.

Battery Life

The grinder has an 800mAh battery, which isn’t huge, but I’ve tested, it’s enough for grinding up to 20 brews on a single charge. If you mainly grind for pour over, it can even grind more.  


I’ve ground and brewed over ten cups of coffee with it, both filter and espresso, and it still has 50% battery life remaining. 

If you make two to three cups of coffee a day, it will last about a week. 

It comes with a type-c cable, simply plug it in the port on top, it takes one and a half hours to fully charge.

My Testings with Staresso Discovery Grinder

Testing with Staresso Plus

First, I tested it with the Staresso Plus, using a grind setting of 12 for these beans, slightly finer than regular Staresso since I’m using the non-pressurized basket. 

Static can be an issue with any grinder, but spraying a bit of water before grinding helps reduce retention without rusting the burr set.


Espresso Quality

For the Staresso, I made a bottomless shot first, ensuring proper puck preparation to avoid channeling. The shot quality was solid, with great flavor and texture, making it suitable for beginners or home baristas.


 Using the pressurized basket without any puck prep, you can still achieve a nice, drinkable shot with rich crema, even when outdoors.

I also tried pulling a shot with my Lelit Bianca espresso machine, and the results were impressive.


Testing for Pour-Over Coffee

I used 24 clicks for a pour-over test with very light roasted Ethiopian beans. Lighter roasted beans are denser, so they can easily jam the burrs, especially in a machine without a powerful motor. But this didn’t happen with this grinder.

The grinding process was smooth, taking about 50 seconds to complete. 


Pour Over Quality

The consistency was good, with minimal fine dust or large boulders, producing a sweet, juicy cup of Ethiopian coffee. It lacks some clarity compared to other, more premium grinders, but the cups were enjoyable to drink.

I also brewed some medium roast coffee, which tasted great, though I found the grinder produces a better profile for medium to darker roasts.



Overall, I’m very happy with this battery-powered coffee grinder. 

It is a versatile, portable grinder that works well for both espresso and filtered coffee. Its portability and build quality make it a great choice for coffee enthusiasts on the go. Whether you’re camping, in your office, or at a hotel, this grinder offers convenience without compromising on performance.

It’s not as expensive as other electric grinders or premium hand grinders. Paired with the Staresso Plus, this setup costs around $250, allowing you to make authentic espresso at home without breaking the bank.

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DENG, the founder of, is a coffee geek with extensive hands-on experience. His office, filled with grinders, drippers, and espresso machines, like a mini coffee museum. Additionally, he manages the BrewCoffeeHome YouTube Channel, providing engaging and informative content.