Cometeer Coffee Review – Are Frozen Coffee Pods Good?


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If you love coffee but neither have the equipment, nor the time to make it from scratch using freshly brewed beans, one option is instant coffee. However, many people are put off as the quality generally suffers compared to freshly brewed coffee.

Cometeer instant pods promise a far higher quality experience than instant coffee alternatives thanks to the way they are produced and the specialty roasters the company collaborates with.

It is widely accepted that freshly brewed coffee is the best option for producing excellent coffee. However, do Cometeer pods buck the trend and provide something comparable to what you would be served in your local coffee shop?

This article will examine what Cometeer pods are and look at ways they differ from other coffee pods. Let’s get started.

What Makes Cometeer Coffee Different From The Alternatives?

Cometeer is a monthly subscription service providing frozen coffee capsules of specialty-grade standard.

After you order the pods, they will be delivered to your door as a frozen concentrate as a shot of espresso. The pods are shipped on dry ice to ensure they don’t melt while in transit.


Some people are put off using coffee pods because of the perceived wastage of the packaging. However, Cometeer pods are 100% recyclable. Meanwhile, you don’t even need a coffee machine to brew coffee with them. That means the pods are as convenient as instant coffee with the promise of not compromising on quality.

Cometeer collaborates with high-end coffee roasters who use premium-quality beans. The company then grinds and extracts the beans before flash-freezing them with liquid nitrogen. That means you can melt the coffee pod with either hot or cold water depending on the coffee you prefer.

In that regard, Cometeer is technically an instant coffee company, as you only need to add water to brew the coffee. However, its pods are significantly more high-end than standard instant coffee.

How Frozen Coffee Capsules Are Made

Cometeer purchases high-end specialty coffee beans in bulk that have been roasted by some of the most popular specialty roasters in the US. These include, but are not limited to, George Howell, Counter Culture, Onyx, and Equator – some of the most well-loved names in the specialty coffee world.


Cometeer then grinds the beans with a huge and expensive grinder and brews the coffee as intended, depending on the bean, into a coffee concentrate. The coffee is then poured into the recyclable single-serve cups before being frozen at -321F (-196C) to retain the flavor.

The process is designed to lock in the peak flavor of the pods in a preservative-free way. That leaves you to enjoy the flavourful coffee cup simply by adding water or milk depending on your preference.

How To Brew Cometeer Coffee

It is a little odd to describe the process as brewing coffee because all you need to do is melt the pod in water to get your coffee. However, you can also add the pods to any K-cup compatible machine to offer a far more enjoyable coffee than you can get from regular K-cup pods.

Overall, Cometeer pods are best suited to people who neither have the time nor inclination to make coffee day-to-day but still enjoy a high-quality cup. They are also appropriate if you do not have the skills or the machinery to make beautiful coffee shop standard coffee.

The pods will also retain a good flavor for 24 hours after you remove them from the freezer and will keep in the fridge for up to three days. That means they’re not intended to be taken on long trips without a cooler. However, you will have no issue carrying the pods on a flight as they are TSA-approved.


Some Simple Recipes

You can make hot or iced coffee, latte, or any other coffee recipe using the Cometeer capsules by melting them. First, let’s take a closer look at some of the best recipes.

For black coffee, take a frozen pod from the freezer, peel the lid and drop it into 6oz-8oz of hot water. We suggest using a water temperature of around 205F (96C). Then, making the hot coffee is just a matter of adding water.

For iced coffee, allow the pod to melt in the fridge, then add it to a glass of water. In summer, taking a few frozen capsules from the freezer and putting them in the fridge to sit overnight is an excellent idea. That way, you can have delicious iced coffee in the morning.

For a caffe latte, you can use Cometeer pods as an espresso, meaning you don’t need an espresso machine.
Heat the milk at 160F (71C) in the microwave or saucepan for the hot latte, then pour the pod into the milk.

For an iced latte,similar to the iced coffee, store the pod in the fridge before use, then add 8 ounces of milk and your desired amount of ice.

For cappuccino, warm up the milk, then pour it into a French press. Push the plunger repeatedly until you have thick milk foam. Add a defrosted pod to your cup, then pour over the milk froth.

For a Starbucks-style oatmeal shaken espresso, take a defrosted pod from your fridge and combine it with ice and vanilla syrup. Next, use a cocktail shaker or a water bottle and shake it. Finally, pour 7oz of oat milk into the drink and enjoy.

You can also try Affogato, Espresso Martini, just use it as a shot of espresso or cold brew concentrate. As you can see, the number of options available is one of the more important reasons to use Cometeer coffee pods.

Does Cometeer Coffee Taste Good?

Cometeer coffee is surprisingly complex and clean, considering how convenient it is. Indeed, if you were to compare Cometeer coffee and fresh coffee was given to you by the same roaster, you would probably not notice too much difference between the two. The roasters’ cup profile and distinct flavors will still be there. Meanwhile, the mouthfeel of coffee brewed using Cometeer pods is very smooth and clean.

That’s not to say that they are superior. After all, freshly brewed coffee is still the best option. However, we’ve tried other instant specialty coffees. While some are good, none match the quality of the Cometeer coffee pods.

In summary, the coffee the pods produce is better than other instant coffee options. However, they’re not a direct alternative to freshly brewed coffee – even though they run it relatively close.

Frozen Coffee Pods vs Fresh Coffee

With fresh coffee, more brewing variables affect the final beverage, including the way to brew the coffee, the water temperature, grind size, and brew time. But, of course, none of these are a concern with Cometeer coffee.

Espresso is even harder to get many aspects right throughout the process to pull a drink of the required quality. Indeed, even professional baristas need to dial in and adjust the process depending on the beans and roast. That causes some wastage, which is time-consuming and not ideal during a busy morning routine.


On the other hand, Cometeer has everything dialed in precisely, and even if you lack any brewing skills, you can enjoy consistent coffee every time you make it.

Because Cometeer collaborates with some excellent roasters, including Counter Culture and George Howell. They are experts on specialty coffee and know exactly how to produce the perfect beverage.

Cometeer Coffee Options

When you subscribe to Cometeer, you can choose your coffee preferences and roast level. Then you will get four packs of 32 pods per delivery. The service ensures delivery every one, two, or four weeks depending on the amount you need.

Cometeer offers several choices based on your coffee preferences. For example, if you choose single-origin coffee, you will receive pour-over style coffee. However, if you prefer a milk-based espresso drink, choose the “cream and sugar” option instead. Then you will receive dark roasts that pair well with milk.

Alternatively, you can choose coffee based on your roast level preferences. There are light roasts, medium roasts, dark roasts, and decaf. There is even a mixed-box option if you’re unsure what the best option is to cover all your options.

Value For Money

If you compare with alternative instant coffee and K-cup options, the $79 cost for 32 capsules seems expensive. However, they make an excellent cup of coffee and are far superior to other options.

They offer a decent deal at $2.50 per capsule, including shipping, which works out as less than most cafés charge for a batch brew. Also, the quality is so high that the coffee may even be better than what you will be served at your local coffee shop.

Our Verdict

Cometeer coffee pods may be instant, but that doesn’t mean they are poor quality compared to freshly brewed coffee. On the contrary, you may even find Cometeer pods exceed the quality you would expect from your local coffee shop.

Of course, freshly brewed coffee is still the better option. However, in an increasingly hectic world, finding the time required to make beautiful coffee from scratch is difficult for some people.

As far as instant coffee goes, then, Cometeer pods are as good an option – if not better – than anything else on the market.

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.