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Coffee may be one of the world’s most popular beverages, but some people find the acidity in coffee causes issues, including acid reflux. That means that, even though many people love coffee, they choose not to consume it.

Now, there is a product that promises to solve the issue – Fabula Coffee is low in acid and better for your stomach. Not only that, but it is both ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, meaning it holds lots of appeal for a wide range of coffee lovers.

We tried the whole coffee beans samplers from Fabula. This article will examine exactly how Fabula Coffee differs from others, examining aspects including coffee options and the all-important quality. Let’s get started.


What Sets Fabula Coffee Apart From The Others?

Fabula Coffee was inspired by a coffee found in the mountains of Peru. After the brand’s creators tried the coffee and enjoyed it, it compelled them to introduce similar coffee in Western society.

Today, Fabula Coffee uses beans from regions that produce low-acid coffee. Is Fabula coffee legit? Sure, the brand is on an ethical mission, meaning its beans are certified organic, single-origin and fair trade. They also use shade-grown non-GMO beans that are freshly roasted.

The low acid characteristic lends the beans their unique quality. That is good news for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs as it allows the consumer to drink coffee without acid reflux. As a result, it could be the answer for anyone who usually avoids coffee for that reason.

Organic Low Acid Coffee
Fabula Coffee
  • Organic Coffee
  • Low Acid
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Light, medium and dark roasts, decaf, flavored coffee, and K-Cup are available
  • Customizable subscription service
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Coffee Origin Of Fabula Coffee

The coffee is sourced from small farms in the mountains of Latin America, from countries including Peru, Colombia and Mexico. The company targets these areas for its coffee because the conditions are perfect for growing beans that are low in acidity even though it is grown at high altitudes. Ethiopia is another country where Fabula sources its beans, but there aren’t as many options as other brands.

Coffees from these areas typically have a subtle citrusy acidity and are renowned for their robust nutty, and dark chocolatey notes, which are perfect for low-acid coffee. Meanwhile, all the beans Fabula uses are arabica coffee.

Fabula is dedicated to ensuring its coffee is ethically sourced, too. It sources its coffee from cooperatives formed to help improve the lives of smallholders in the region. The cooperatives also ensure the coffee is made in an environmentally friendly way.


Coffee Options And Quality

The brand has several types of coffee. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

Light Roast

Fabula’s light roast coffee originates from Mexico’s southern highlands. The complex profile of the coffee has notes of brown sugar, red apple, mixed nuts and cocoa.

The coffee has a rich and complex flavor and is notably smooth without the unpleasant aftertaste in some coffee. The nature of light roast coffee also ensures that it retains more of the bean’s original flavor.

Overall, the coffee is perfect for pour-over and drip machines.


Medium Roast

This single-origin coffee is sourced from Peru’s northern highlands at an altitude of up to 7,000 feet. That high altitude gives the coffee cherries longer to ripen for defined flavors.

The unusually high elevation also means that the coffee frequently needs to be hand-picked due to accessibility issues. Nevertheless, consumers can expect a rich and aromatic beverage that is once again smooth and easy on the stomach.

Fabula medium roast coffee is also excellent for pour-over and drip machines.


Dark Roast

Like the medium roast coffee, Fabula’s organic dark roast is hand-picked from Peru’s northern highlands on the border of the Andes mountains. It benefits from the same high altitude as the medium roast, picked from areas so remote that it often needs carrying on the back of a donkey. Fabula’s decision to source from the region helps the farmers and cooperatives that offer financial support and agricultural training in the area.

The dark roasted coffee is full-bodied with a rich flavor containing notes of bittersweet chocolate and brown sugar. It is also smooth. The coffee is excellent for brewing espresso using a French press.



If you like drinking coffee, but worry about the side effect of caffeine, try decaffeinated coffee.

Sourced from Mexico’s south-eastern Highlands, the decaf option has notes of raisins, cedar, dates, mixed nuts, and chocolate. Perhaps most interesting about the coffee is the method employed to remove the caffeine from the original bean – a chemical-free process called the Swiss Water Method.

The method doesn’t use chemicals to remove the caffeine. Instead, only water is used, resulting in a healthier, completely organic decaffeinated coffee. The method involves soaking the beans several times and filtering the water for a chemical-free bean. Caffeine molecules become stuck in the filter while the elements that provide the flavor, including the sugars and oils, are retained. As a result, consumers can expect a flavor and aroma close to the original bean.

Fabula decaffeinated coffee is rich and smooth and doesn’t taste weak – an issue often associated with other decaffeinated coffees.

Flavored Coffee

Fabula also offers several varieties of flavored coffee. Flavored coffee is made by infusing flavoring oils into the coffee beans. However, while many brands use synthetic chemical flavoring, Fabula uses natural oils, including vanilla, hazelnut, buttery caramel, and chocolate nut coffee.

Once again, the coffees offer smooth and balanced and kinder on sensitive stomachs. The vanilla and buttery caramel options offer a slightly sweeter coffee, while the hazelnut has nutty, chocolatey notes. The chocolate nut flavor is rounded and roast with sweet notes. There are also limited seasonal offerings, including the Autumn Special with its notes of honey, praline and chocolate notes.

The flavored coffee offered by Fabula is also available as a K-cup, with additional options, including cinnamon and pumpkin spice.


Most Fabula Coffee uses whole beans and ground coffee. However, as we mentioned earlier, there are also organic K-cup options for use in Keurig machines. These machines are extremely popular in the US, largely thanks to their convenience. After all, you only need to insert the pod and press a button and you will have excellent coffee within one minute. That makes them well suited to people who want good coffee in a busy morning routine.

keurig k cafe machine

One issue with most K-cup pods is the perception that they produce weak and watery coffee. Fabula has addressed the concern with its pods by increasing the dosage to 10g instead of 11g. In addition, its K-cups are made from paper instead of plastic, which is consistent with the company’s mission to produce ethical and environmentally friendly coffee.

As well as the flavored coffee options mentioned in the previous section, there are also regular caffeinated and decaf K-cups. Check all Fabula K-cup coffee options.

The Coffee Subscription

You can buy one-off bags of coffee, but there is also a coffee subscription option. That means you can either buy bags or K-cups at intervals of every two weeks up to every eight weeks.

You can also customize your subscription to determine the roast level, the number of bags (either whole beans or grounds) or K-cups you are sent at a time.

For example, you can choose between two or six bags of Fabula Coffee per delivery or between 48, 72 or 96 pods. As well as convenience, the subscription option also offers savings on the regular price of up to 30%. One option not presently available is the option to subscribe to flavored coffee.

The Delivery And Packaging

The beans we sampled arrived within a few days, having been roasted and packed once the order was placed. Meanwhile, we were also impressed with the packaging of the beans. Our 12oz bag of beans had a one-way valve at the side and was resealable with excellent quality overall.

The impression the service and packaging gives is of a company that has its customers’ interests at heart and one with a high degree of professionalism.

Value For Money

Fabula is more expensive than regular coffee beans. However, given the certifications it offers and the often labor-intensive work needed to pick the cherries, the price is reasonable, particularly compared to other single-origin beans. There are savings for subscription services, too, as well as free shipping.

Overall, the brand offers value for money because Fabula provides coffees quite different from other coffee brands on the market – including its low acidity. There is also a strong argument that the brand’s ethical approach to providing coffee is worth the slightly more expensive cost compared with single-origin beans. Meanwhile, the coffee quality is excellent.

Organic Low Acid Coffee
Fabula Coffee
  • Organic Coffee
  • Low Acid
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Light, medium and dark roasts, decaf, flavored coffee, and K-Cup are available
  • Customizable subscription service
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Our Verdict

With an array of choices on the market, it can be hard to determine which coffee is the best for you. However, where Fabula is concerned, there is a distinct difference between it and alternatives – its low-acid coffee makes it a viable solution for people who love coffee but suffer from stomach problems.

The fact that the company is wedded to ethics means it is also an excellent option for anyone concerned about the well-being of the farmers and the environment.

With plenty of variety and the ability to customize your order, as long as you are prepared to pay a little more for your coffee, Fabula is an excellent option.

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