14 Great Coffee YouTube Channels For Coffee Lovers


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If we can’t always be drinking coffee, let’s do the next best thing! These coffee YouTube channels provide the fix you need through a complete sensory and educational experience. 

YouTube channels for coffee are a dime a dozen, but we have compiled a list of the best here. Our favorite channels provide beautiful visuals, exceptional research, and of course, a fun and engaging host.

Our Favorite YouTube Channels For Coffee Lovers

James Hoffmann

James Hoffman is a serious coffee expert who won the World Barista Championship in 2007. Hoffman maintains this coffee YouTube channel with 1.2 million subscribers. 

He covers a wide variety of topics on his channel. You can find almost everything about coffee, including unbiased reviews for coffee equipment, professional techniques for at-home coffee creations, and even mini-documentaries about coffee. Hoffman posts a few times each month. Viewers love his wholesome approach to education and passion for coffee. 

If you are on the fence about buying a coffee machine or grinder or want to enhance your barista skills and make a perfect cup of coffee, listen to the world barista champion, check out James Hoffmann’s channel. 

We like the ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Coffee,’ ‘Understanding Espresso,’ and ‘Weird Coffee Science’ series. 

European Coffee Trip

As the name implies, European Coffee Trip is the result of two Czech coffee lovers touring Europe. Ales and Radek have produced guides for more than 2,000 specialty coffee shops around the continent, all to share the love of their favorite beverage. You can also know more about the specialty coffee industry via their channel.

European Coffee Trip also features product reviews and tips for how to brew your own specialty coffee at home. A YouTube coffee channel since 2014, European Coffee Trip posts several videos each month.

Our favorite is their AeroPress Movie, a documentary about the invention of AeroPress.  

Lance Hedrick

Lance Hedrick won two times of Latte Art World Championship and dozens of competitions. He appears to be a coffee guru of all things coffee, bringing a fresh perspective to caffeine discourse.

In his YouTube bio, Hedrick alludes to the world of coffee being “gatekept” to the elite few. He also mentions a decade of experience within the coffee industry at several different levels.

With his channel, Hedrick strives to share practical coffee brewing tips and educational content to enable people to brew superior coffee for themselves.

We really appreciate the fantastic videos he made, with lots of details. He is very good at explaining the coffee concepts in an understandable way that even beginners can follow.

Of course, don’t miss his Latte Art tutorials!

Starbucks Coffee

This YouTube channel for coffee needs no introduction. Starbucks Coffee has become a ubiquitous source of coffee information since its debut in Seattle in the 1970s. Since then, Starbucks locations have expanded to more than 32,000 global locations in 2020.

Starbucks is famous for their signature creations that brought coffee into a mainstream obsession. Whether you reach for a macchiato, mocha, or frappuccino, you are consuming a product that is uniquely Starbucks.

Their coffee YouTube channel offers a lot of promotional content, as you may expect. But if you sift through the advertisements, you can find helpful tips for making latte art and several videos explaining Starbucks lingo. Or if you are interested in how the green coffee beans turn into your favorite cup you purchased from the espresso bar, you can learn more about how this giant coffee business works.

You can find short and easy-to-follow coffee recipes and How-to videos on their channel.

The Real Sprometheus

Another entry into the coffee bro genre of YouTube coffee channels is The Real Sprometheus. This channel offers a deep dive into the anatomy of espresso as well as product reviews asking if a machine is a “two-pump chump” or not.

These videos do have a point of view, but unlike others stay exclusively on the topic of coffee. Check out the comment section for lively discussion with other coffee nerds.

Our favorite playlists are: ‘Espresso Anatomy’ and ‘Damn Fine Tutorials.’ The videos are not long but full of practical tips for making great coffee.


A YouTube Coffee Channel unlike anything else on this list so far, MorganDrinksCoffee offers insight into the world of barista competitions. In fact, Morgan is the 2022 US Barista Champion!  It offers behind-the-scenes access to this little-understood world of competitive specialty coffee making.

Apart from the USBC series, we also love her short youtube videos and Finding The Best series. Do you want to know what’s the best gas station coffee or fast food coffee tested by a professional barista? Check it out.

Also, check out Morgan’s Tik Tok for more fun coffee clips. https://www.tiktok.com/@morgandrinkscoffee


Calling itself “an online coffee community,” Coffeefusion is seriously dedicated to educating us all about coffee. It features intensive online coffee schools like a six-week barista boot camp or latte art boot camp.

In addition to these educational courses, Coffeefusion also offers a beautiful sensory experience to balance it out. Check out their series “Pours of the Week” to see artistic baristas showcase their beautiful latte art.

Brian Quan

Brian Quan is another YouTube channel for coffee that focuses heavily on coffee products testing and reviews. Videos are not particularly long, making it an efficient way to comparison shop. The average length of videos on this channel is about ten minutes.

No product is too small for Brian to review. Some of his videos include “The Case for Expensive Coffee Cups” and “Coffee Scale Comparison.” Brian expertly analyzes and compares these products to provide a thoughtful review.

If you are a passionate coffee lover and want to dig deep into high-end coffee grinders, coffee machines, check out Brian’s channel.


Homegrounds is another YouTube coffee channel that focuses heavily on product reviews. In addition, this channel offers tips on brewing the perfect cup of coffee, even if you are using a standard drip coffee maker. 

A particularly exciting and unique series from HomeGrounds is on coffee roasting. These videos make the task of roasting your own coffee seem possible.

There are seemingly endless gadgets you can buy to make coffee at home. And HomeGrounds provides great reviews for your reference. You can also learn how to make better coffee with the most popular coffee makers in their ‘Brew Guides’ playlist.


This coffee YouTube channel definitely has a feeling all its own. The RealChrisBaca offers the standard tips for making coffee at home, but with a curated aesthetic. If you want to listen to someone talk coffee, while also comparing tattoos and sneakers, this is a great vlog and podcast channel for you.

While the channel presents itself as being coffee-focused, the videos can be light on coffee. Mixed in with reviews are chats about mental health, entrepreneurship, and other inspirational hot button topics. 

Looking for Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine Reviews?

Many of the channels above provide educational videos and informational videos about coffee, and include some reviews on a variety of coffee-related products. However, for those on the hunt for their next coffee maker or espresso machine, the following YouTube coffee channels are for you.

Some of them are run by the most reputable coffee equipment distributors in the US. Since they have lots of machines from different brands in store, you can take a closer look before making the buying decision.

Whole Latte Love

The Whole Latte Love YouTube channel focuses primarily on matching viewers with their perfect espresso machine. In addition to reviews, this coffee YouTube channel helps you service your espresso machine and gives delicious coffee recipes involving espresso.

The coffee experts at Whole Latte Love showcase the best-selling prosumer machines, and entry-level espresso machines. You can find detailed ‘How to use’ and even the step-by-step maintenance tutorials on their channel.

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear has produced more than 2,000 videos to educate viewers about espresso machines and coffee brewing. Named after the birthplace of American coffee culture, this coffee YouTube channel has several comparison reviews and even holiday shopping guides.

This channel helpfully categorizes its videos for the target audience. You will see videos labeled “Crew Reviews”, as well as reviews of a specific brand, such as Breville, Miele, Rocket Espresso, etc. This way you can feel prepared when you enter the video, especially if you already have a target.

Founded in 2005, Seattle Coffee Gear is also one of the most reliable coffee gear retailers in the US.

Kyle Rowsell

Kyle Rowsell’s YouTube channel offers reviews on all kinds of coffee products. This channel employs great video titles like “Five Must Know Espresso Recipes” and organizes his videos into useful categories like “comparisons”.

As with any YouTube coffee channel, the host makes a huge difference. This channel’s host has a unique speaking style and he is very good at showing coffee lovers the key features of the products. Kyle frequently updates his channel and has 72,000 subscribers.

Clive Coffee

Clive Coffee strives to educate and empower the home barista. A Portland, Oregon-based channel, Clive Coffee offers reviews and step-by-step set-up videos for espresso machines and grinders.

If you are new to coffee, Clive Coffee’s channel offers an extensive Espresso and Coffee Basics series. This series includes videos ranging in topics from espresso pucks to latte art and how to steam milk. Viewers praise their helpful explanations about the intricacies of coffee.

If you are looking for prosumer-level espresso machines and grinders, their official website is worth exploring.


There are endless coffee YouTube channels to explore. Just like a cup of coffee, a little exploration will help you find the flavor that suits you best. And with the choices on offer, you may end up with more than one favorite among the YouTube channels for coffee.

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of BrewCoffeeHome.com. With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.