7 Best Pink Coffee Makers – Look Great And Brew Amazing Coffee

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At-home coffee makers provide excellent flavor. They’re an appealing option considering how much you spend to get a good cup of joe. Going with a coffee brewer saves money and is something you do from the comfort of home.

If you’re ready to move on to a coffee machine, I want to help. Read on to take a look at some of the top brands and options on the market. But with a neat twist: these devices are the same color. What follows is your buyer’s guide for the best pink coffee maker.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Pink Coffee Maker

Whether pour-over coffee or a smooth espresso, for some, a cup of coffee can make or break your day. For a pink coffee maker, you need to consider price range, filter basket, ounce capacity, glass carafe, and more. You want to think about materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloys, etc. 

Whatever colors or design, two major factors have to be at the top of your list. 

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Your Coffee Brewing Styles

What follows is just a small group of brewing styles, make sure you know what type of coffee you are looking for before clicking the check out button.

  • French Press: This option is the easiest way to make a consistent and superior flavor. You use a French press pot to soak, steep, and strain coffee grounds in hot water. With a French press, the best elements in your grounds preserve rich taste.
  • Drip: The simplest, most affordable path to good joe. The drip method requires only a paper filter and coffee cone. Brewed coffee drips through the filter directly into a pot or cup. 
  • Espresso: For espresso, a good cup’s crafted through pressurized water and finely-ground coffee. You get the best taste with beans roasted to create a thick blend set off by a touch of crema. It requires some skills and basic knowledge to pull a great shot. Also, a decent espresso coffee grinder is needed.
  • Pour-Over Coffee: Similar to drip, the production offers a richer flavor. You place your grounds in a funnel over a carafe or coffee mug to produce your joe. Your pouring skill may affect the taste of your coffee.
  • Moka Pot: This is the classic stovetop method. Steam pressure boils water that passes through grounds in a chamber of the pot.

There are other coffee brewing methods to consider. Please remember, different coffee makers make different types of coffee.

Coffee Brewing Quality

A pink coffee maker indeed looks nice on your countertop. No matter how gorgeous it is, it’ll become a decoration if it fails to make a great cup of coffee. Something like coffee brewing quality ensures you never compromise taste. Your coffee maker has to help you manage the following:

  • Water-to-coffee ratio: You want a good balance of flavor
  • Size of coffee particles: French press uses a coarser grind; finer grinds mean water reaches more bean surface area
  • Brew temperatures: Your temperatures are essential for a concentrated cup
  • Contact time: An understanding of how the length of time water and ground coffee make contact affects a batch
  • Agitation: Stirring infusion and increasing extraction rates
  • Heat retention: Avoiding over-extraction or overcooking

Best 7 Pink Coffee Makers for Different Brew Styles

Choosing a pink color coffee maker is nice, but colors are secondary. You need a brewer with the capacity to produce a great cup of joe. I looked at all the top brands, from Cuisinart to Mr. Coffee. My list came down to coffee machines from the likes of Technivorm, Keurig, Bialetti, and others. All in living pink and promising to add a great brew to your life.

1. Technivorm Moccamaster

Technivorm Moccamaster 59607 KBG, Pink

A pink coffee maker like the Technivorm Moccamaster is going to flip the script on brewing. This SCAA certified coffee maker is quick brewing and puts together up to 10 cups with the touch of a button. This machine is so regarded, the competition has put a lot of energy into duplicating it. None have yet to match the Moccamaster’s quality presses.

Sure, the pink Moccamaster does what it’s supposed to do: heat water over the coffee ground into a filter. The end result trickles into a thermal or glass carafe. What distinguishes Technivorm’s Moccamaster from the rest are the bells and whistles.

  • For gentle moisturizing of coffee ground, you get a nine-hole water outlet.
  • The carafe is conveniently positioned alongside, not below, the boiling component and ensures better dispersion.
  • The pink coffee maker precisely calibrates brewing temps
  • The funnel in the glass carafe’s lid promises an even blend

The manufacturer uses exceptional material for its coffee makers. That includes glass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and plastics. 

The pink Moccamaster meets the challenge of brewing great coffee.


  • 5-Year warranty
  • SCAA certified, the coffee tastes awesome
  • It manages a 40 fluid ounce capacity in a few minutes
  • The company offers some of the most affordable replacement product parts


  • Quite Expensive
  • The various parts can make cleaning up a chore

2. Smeg Retro Style Drip Filter Coffee Machine

Smeg Retro Style Drip Filter Coffee Machine

I chose this pink drip coffee maker because I have an affinity for drip machines and coffee filters. You can’t do better for a cup of flavor- and aroma-fueled joe. The Smeg doesn’t just look cool; it does morning coffee justice. There are more settings than you can shake your fist at. 

It’s going to take a minute to get comfortable with setting the timer. It utilizes a lever that sets exact positioning for water hardness and getting the right blend. Other settings on the pink Smeg coffee maker manage aromas. There’s also a four-cup function and the ability to set up alerts (beeps).

This is not a coffee maker you want to unplug. It can take time to perfect the settings, and these pink coffee makers don’t have memory.

If you set the machine under a cupboard, position it for air circulation. Steam builds quickly in the coffee maker. And if I didn’t mention it, the pink frame and style of this drip coffee maker are as cool as all get out! We reviewed the SMEG Drip Coffee Maker, check if it can make great coffee.


  • Customizable feature help you brew the perfect cup
  • Stylish throwback design
  • Reusable filter is eco friendly


  • May be difficult to use at first
  • Needs air circulation due to steam build-up

3. Bodum Caffettiera French Press

Bodum Caffettiera French Press

The French press has become a popular means to brew. Names like Le Creuset come to mind as leaders in this market. But I lean towards the Bodum Caffettiera French Press. At its center, all that’s needed is hot water, ground coffee, and your French press.

This pink French press coffee maker will require you to do some work. You’ll have to determine your ratio of water to coffee by eyeballing your brews. In the beginning, you may find your coffee too astringent or too weak. Keep adjusting the level amount until you discover the ratio that suits you. If you are not sure how to make perfect French press coffee, check out our step-by-step instructions.

Be sure to track the number of ground scoops you use and how high you fill the press. Or you can rely on a good coffee scale for accurate measurement. Remember, the only true way to get good joe is to use some high-end fresh-roasted beans. You do have the choice of grinding your beans. To keep beans fresh, always ground them before each brewing.

These pink French press coffee makers are compact with their pink coloring and chrome-plated steel frame. They have contrasting handles, a borosilicate glass carafe, and polypropylene lids. 

For a better brew, substitute the device’s standard French press metal filter for Bodum’s silicone filter.


  • Made with highly heat resistant glass
  • No paper filters or capsules
  • Made by Bodum, the craftsman with over 40 years of experience


  • Plastic may be flimsy
  • Beaker not properly sized for the frame

4. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker Dusty Rose

Keurig’s pod coffee maker, the K-Mini Coffee Maker, is the fastest path to producing a single serving of coffee. It won’t take up a lot of counter space. You can fill a travel mug by removing the drip tray. Some refillable K-Cups are usable with these pink coffee makers.

The process for brewing with this coffee maker is three easy steps. Fresh aqua, pop in K-cup, select your brew. If you want something with a few extra features, take a peek at the K-Mini Plus. Among the extras is a removable reservoir, a nine pod storage (the Mini has none). Sadly, the Plus doesn’t come in pink, but you can get nifty Cardinal Red.

You don’t want this device if you’ve got more than one person looking for a cup. It’s a space saver, portable, and a perfect travel coffee maker or something you can use at your desk or in the break room.


  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Quick and easy for a cup on the go
  • Auto of feature is energy efficient


  • Not suitable for larger groups
  • Must refill tank at every brew

5. Bialetti Rainbow Espresso Maker

Bialetti 5012 Rainbow Espresso Maker, Fuchsia

The Bialetti Rainbow Espresso Maker is a pink Moka pot, known as a stovetop espresso coffee maker. This Italian coffee maker is a legend. There are coffee lovers who have sworn to a Bialetti coffee product for life. The device is durable and simple and will return an authentic Italian coffee in minutes.

The classical Bialetti Moka pot comes in shining aluminum silver. In the past few years, this iconic coffee maker is available in many new colors and modern designs. Luckily they didn’t forget the pink, so I can include it on this list.

What these pink coffee makers excel at is the espresso-like coffee. There was a time if you wanted a cup of coffee like this, you had to let trained operators and baristas work huge machines in coffee bars. Of course, it can’t make real espresso. The Moka pot coffee has less crema, but tastes very strong and intense.

This is where Bialetti beats out the pack. It impresses me how you can make ‘espresso’ in your kitchen. The Bialetti is portable and durable so you can make great coffee anywhere you go in the world.


  • Durable Materials designed from aluminum alloy
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Heat Resistant Features


  • Only makes three espresso cups (about 2oz each)
  • The coffee can be easily over-extracted and tastes bitter

6. Smeg Espresso Machine

Smeg Espresso Machine

If your idea of a good morning cup is press-and-play functionality, the Smeg Espresso Machine is for you. If you need high-tech features, keep it moving. 

The pink Smeg coffee maker is compact, designed to conserve kitchen space. The top of the device serves as a cup warmer. The stainless steel drip tray is removable so that you can get a medium mug or cup in there. 

This model’s equipped with Thermoblock. That heats the machine to optimum temperatures in less than a minute, unlike coffee makers with single or double boilers. I was pretty impressed with how easily the unit switched from pouring coffee to steaming milk or water.

For day-to-day use, the pink Smeg Espresso Machine is beginner-friendly, has solid customization, and gives great coffee with a range of tastes. It’s a simple design, leaning towards less-is-more. This is a top choice for coffee that gets your day started right.


  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Stainless steel filters
  • All parts can be hand washed


  • Some parts feel cheap
  • Very expensive

7. Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters

Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters

This is an outstanding coffee brewer. It looks like a pour-over dripper but use immersion brewing method. The Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters make a killer cup of joe. While designed like a standard pour-over, the valve at the bottom holds hot water in the brew cone. That makes this pink coffee dripper an immersive brewing system. You could make French press without muddied layers of coffee grounds in the cup.

This device blends dark roast well and puts out full-bodied beverages with a rich, chocolatey taste.

Take stock. This isn’t the best machine for extracting oils from coffee beans. Those oils help enrich your coffee’s flavor. The coffee maker is also made completely of clear plastic, not the sturdiest construction. 

While I think the pink Clever Coffee Dripper is a great catch, you want to go elsewhere if you need flexibility. But if you’re ready for immersive brewing in an uncomplicated manner, the Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters will satisfy the pour-over coffee aficionado.


  • Easy to Clean
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Fits on most cups and thermoses


  • Plastic is easily breakable
  • Seals may leak

The Verdict

Our buyer’s guide delivers the best pink coffee makers. Use my suggestions, but don’t assume this is the end of the road in pink coffee brewers. 

A bonus: If you like everything in pink, here is the coffee mug that perfectly fits the pink coffee makers mentioned above.

Sweese Porcelain Fluted Mugs

No matter what color your kitchen is, you can always find the one that suits you the best. I hope this info helps you find the coffee brewing machine that makes your life easier.

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