Makita Coffee Maker Review – Best Battery-Operated Coffee Maker

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Picture the scene – you’re busy in the workshop using a Makita cordless chainsaw, but after a while, you need a break; you need a coffee. So, you remove the battery from the chainsaw and pop it into the Makita battery-powered coffee maker you have with you. Then, you add some grounds, pour in some water, and press a button. Soon after, you have your coffee.

The Makita battery-powered coffee maker was designed for the kind of scenario described above (as well as many others that require a cordless solution to brewing great coffee). This review will examine if it really is the best portable coffee maker for using on a job site.

Cordless Makita Coffee Maker Review

Makita DCM501Z (18V LXT/12V max CXT) Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker

Makita DCM501Z (18V LXT/12V max CXT) Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker
The best battery-operated coffee maker, it supports the 18V LXT and 12V Max CXT batteries. It can brew 5 oz cup of coffee within 5 minutes, so you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while working.

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  • Compact and lightweight (the machine weighs just 3lbs, while it weighs 4.8lbs with the battery)
  • Permanent drip filter (so, no paper filters are required)
  • Compatible with Makita 12V CXT and 18V LXT batteries
  • Rapid brewing (around five minutes)


  • It can only brew small amounts of coffee at a time
  • The battery is sold separately

About Makita

If you’re no stranger to power tools, the chances are you’re already familiar with Makita’s range of tools, or at least aware of the company. Makita is a Japanese company established in 1915. These days, it is one of the most well-known power tool brands. It began making cordless tools and equipment in 1978 and, with such a long history of producing them, is considered an expert in cordless equipment.

Because of this, you can rest assured that Makita’s cordless coffee maker offers every bit as much quality as its power tools. But how good is the brewing experience, and is the coffee it produces up to scratch? Let’s find out.

Makita DCM501Z coffee maker

Design And Quality

You’ll be immediately struck by the Makita coffee maker’s neat appearance and compact size. It’s also in the same signature blue color as Makita’s other tools, which is a cool touch for fans of the company and offers reassuring familiarity.

The top of the coffee maker has a carry handle for increased portability. What’s also striking is its lightweight, particularly if you’ve just been holding a 10lb chainsaw. The Makita coffee maker, at just 3lb, is positively featherweight by comparison.

Underneath the lid on top of the device is a water tank with an 8oz (240ml) capacity. Meanwhile, a measuring spoon attaches to the lid.

At the front, the brew basket holder slides out. It has two reusable filter baskets. One is a permanent drip filter for ground coffee, while the other is for single-serve coffee pods. One bonus is there’s no need to prepare paper filters as you pour the grounds straight into the filter basket.

Underneath the brew basket is a robust stainless steel mug with a 5oz capacity. Meanwhile, with just one button on the bottom of the machine, the coffee machine is the definition of simplicity.

At the side of the device where you insert the battery is a slider. The coffee machine is compatible with two types of Makita lithium-ion batteries. The CXT batteries need inserting to the left, while the LXT batteries fit on the right.

The machine’s exterior is plastic and may seem a little more flimsy than Makita’s other tools. However, this is not a drawback considering the machine is meant to be portable – if the material was any sturdier, it would be too heavy.

The machine also has boil-dry protection, meaning if the tank isn’t full enough, it will automatically shut off.

Makita DCM501Z Design

What Battery Does The Makita Coffee Maker Use?

The Makita Cordless coffee maker can use either the 12V Max CXT or 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries.

However, because the battery doesn’t come with the machine, you’ll have to buy it separately if you don’t use other Makita products with the same battery. If you use one of the batteries on another tool, you can simply slide it into the coffee maker when that tool is not being used. However, they are quite expensive, so keep this in mind when factoring in the overall cost.

Because Makita has decades of experience in manufacturing cordless tools, the battery technology is first class, with the 18V LXT battery offering extended battery life and the fastest charge.

Battery Performance: How Much Coffee Can The Machine Make Per Charge?

Firstly, the water tank has a capacity of just 240ml (80z), producing around 150ml (5oz) of coffee at a time.

If you use an 18V LXT battery on a full charge, a brew cycle will take approximately five minutes. However, the brewing capacity (5oz per cup) differs depending on the battery you use.

A 3.0 Ah battery will brew two cups of coffee. However, a 4.0 Ah battery will brew two and a half cups of coffee. Better still, a 5.0 Ah battery will brew three cups of coffee before it needs recharging.

Of course, this means that if you’re only brewing for yourself, a 3.0 Ah battery will probably suffice. However, if you’re brewing for more than one, a 4.0 or 5.0 Ah battery would be most appropriate, as they are good for a few brew cycles.

Another thing to consider is that you ensure enough charge left to complete your work (if you’re using the same battery for both the coffee maker and the tools you’re using).

The machine won’t brew a carafe as large as you’d expect of a domestic drip coffee maker. However, considering it is battery-operated, it still brews an impressive amount. In essence, the machine is a cordless kettle, with the heating elements battery powered rather than relying on AC power.

How To Brew Coffee With The Makita Coffee Maker

The Makita is one of the most user-friendly coffee makers on the market – there are just a few steps for making a hot cup of coffee. So let’s look at them.

1. Pour in water

Open the lid on top of the machine and take out the water tank. Pour in room temperature water. The water tank has a volume mark. If you’re using a coffee pod, fill it to the 120ml mark. If you’re using a ground coffee scoop (approximately 6.5g), aim for the 160ml line. If you intend to add milk to the coffee, less water will give you a stronger coffee.

Makita DCM501Z add water

2. Add coffee grounds or a single-serve pod

If you use ground coffee, just scoop it directly into the filter basket (there’s no need to use a paper filter).

If you’re using a coffee pod, you position it in the filter with the flat surface facing upwards. You can only use one pod at a time, or the water will spill out. You can also brew tea with the machine by putting a tea bag inside.

3. Install the battery cartridge

Whichever battery you use, it’s a simple case of sliding it into the correct slot (each battery uses a different one). The sign denoting the particular battery type is on top of each slot, and when you slide the battery in fully, it clicks into place. Before you do this, it’s worth checking what the remaining battery capacity is. If it is not high enough, the machine will either not start or the cycle will not complete.

4. Begin brewing

At this stage, press the power switch, and the power light will illuminate.

Now, slide in the battery, ensure water is in the tank, place either grounds or the pod into the filter basket, and put the coffee cup into the machine. Press the button and wait around four minutes.

5. Enjoy your beverage

If you’re using the 18V LXT battery, 5 oz of coffee will brew in around five minutes. The less powerful battery takes around seven minutes to brew the coffee.

Once the coffee is ready, remove the battery, place it back in your work tool and continue your work. Fantastic!

Coffee Quality

Many users report that the Makita makes consistently hot coffee. While it may not be quite up to the standard of coffee produced by an SCA-certified machine, it’s the best quality coffee you can find for cordless, portable brewing. Even with the diminished quality, it is still far better than instant coffee. For a stronger flavor, use dark roast grounds.

Any Alternatives?

If you are an espresso coffee lover, the CONQUECO Portable Espresso maker is a consideration, but it is restricted to espresso brewing and takes 12 minutes to pull a shot. The 12V car charger will charge the battery.

However, the Makita stands alone as a cordless coffee maker for brewing drip coffee with a battery, which makes us think there is a gap in the market for a rival from Milwaukee, DEWALT, or Bosch to produce a viable alternative.

Who Is The Makita Coffee Maker Suitable For?

If you intend to use the Makita coffee maker while using the company’s power tools, this machine is ideal. That’s because the battery will be compatible with both the tools and the coffee maker, so you’ll save money on them. However, if you are buying it as a general outdoor coffee brewer, the coffee maker compatible battery makes it an expensive option. If you like traveling and want to enjoy coffee on the go, we made a list of the best portable coffee makers, you can find more affordable options there.

Our Verdict

This coffee maker is specifically designed for use on job sites. It is compact, lightweight, and uses premium battery technology that works with Makita’s range of power tools. These factors ensure that – even if the quality of the coffee’s not quite as good as a standard drip coffee maker – it is by far the best cordless coffee option for people working on job sites.


What Coffee Pods Does Makita Coffee Maker Use? Can I Use K-Cup?

Makita DCM501Z is compatible with 60mm single-serve packs, which are flat and look like a coffee bag. You can’t put K-cup in it, it’s not compatible. Some users have tried the Douwe Egberts Senseo pods and worked well. However, not many companies are making this type of coffee pod. You can use your favorite ground coffee, since it comes with a measuring spoon, permanent filter, and no paper filters needed.

Are Milwaukee coffee maker and Dewalt Coffee Maker Available?

You may have seen some prototype designs of the Dewalt coffee maker somewhere, but they are just the ideas. Unfortunately, Milwaukee and Dewalt don’t offer cordless coffee makers, we couldn’t find it on their official websites or any online stores.

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