Lifeboost Coffee Reviews in 2022 – Why Is It Special? Which One To Buy?

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Coffee is super important to many people, with as many as 150 million Americans drinking coffee daily. However, not all coffee brands are the same. LifeBoost coffee tries to stand out in the coffee world by offering high-quality, and the healthiest coffee.

In this Lifeboost coffee review, we will explain why it is often listed in our best-pick coffee brands, and the best Lifeboost coffees you should try.

The Story of LifeBoost Coffee

According to Dr. Charles Livingston, the CEO of LifeBoost Coffee, the idea for this gourmet coffee brand started one afternoon while drinking coffee. He thought of all the people out there in the world that drink coffee to get going and become better versions of themselves. Why, then, should the coffee that we drink be any different? 

Dr. Livingston then set out to find the best ways to grow and produce coffee without any pesticides, additives, and sourcing issues we see with some of the other big coffee brands. He wanted to make sure that he maximized the health benefits of his coffee without any of the modern practices complicating the issues with things like mycotoxins from mold or mistreatment of farmers. 

LifeBoost has Dr. Livingston’s story and concept laid out on their About Us page. There, you can read all about Life Boost Coffee’s origins. 

What Makes LifeBoost Coffee Different?

To make LifeBoost Coffee stand out, it needed to do something more than providing great-tasting coffee. The company focused on two aspects of its practices: health and sustainability. 

Organic and Healthy

The main goal with LifeBoost’s organic coffee is to create a product that is healthy for you. Coffee natively has health benefits, but certain practices at the farm make sure this is true. LifeBoost uses non-GMO coffee plants on its farm and operates a partial-shade farming layout to replace the use of pesticides on its plants. 

Additionally, the plantation that LifeBoost sources its shade-grown coffee from is high up in elevation. This elevation keeps mold and fungi from growing on the coffee, reducing the mycotoxin count of the coffee. These mycotoxins are nasty chemicals made from a mold that can cause health issues and upset your digestive tract. 



LifeBoost goes about its coffee production in a way that is fair to its workers and sustainable for the planet. In addition to the lack of pesticides used, LifeBoost also ensures that the coffee farmers are paid a fair wage and that their working conditions are good. Farm work is tough enough as it is. Lifeboost’s coffee is fair trade certified.

The farming methods that LifeBoost uses are part of the sustainability equation, as well. Fewer pesticides and other artificial solutions reduce LifeBoost’s reliance on chemicals and imports, reducing their carbon footprint compared to other coffee farms.

Single Origin Coffee

LifeBoost guarantees that their coffee is sourced from a single origin. A family-owned plantation in Nicaragua is where LifeBoost sources its coffee. The company does this to ensure that the quality of its coffee is maintained. This choice also ensures that foreign contaminants or toxins don’t get into the coffee. 

With larger coffee suppliers, coffee beans from different plants and farms worldwide are mixed to fill the order. When the number of places you pull coffee beans goes up, the chances that something is integrated into the coffee go up.  

Low Acid 


When you hot brew coffee, you create acid alongside your beverage. A lot of digestive issues, such as indigestion, heartburn, and abdominal pains are caused by this acid. That’s why many coffee lovers prefer coffee with low acidity. Darker roasts of coffee alleviate this problem, but it won’t settle the issue outright. 

LifeBoost follows all the steps above to ensure that the amount of acid made by your coffee is reduced. Thanks to the care and lack of pesticides and contaminants, there are fewer things in the coffee to upset your stomach.  It’s one of our favorite low acid coffee brands, check out our full list here.

How Does LifeBoost Produce Coffee Beans?

LifeBoost coffee’s beans start at a family-owned plantation in Nicaragua. Thanks to the low humidity, this plantation is located at an elevation high enough to prevent fungus and mold from developing on the coffee plants. It also ensures that the coffee only comes from one fair-trade source. 

Once the coffee cherries are ready to harvest, they are hand-picked for use in LifeBoost’s various blends. The coffee beans sit out for 26 hours to ferment, which makes the skin of the coffee bean easier to remove. It also gives the beans a chance to lose any mold or fungus that may have formed when the beans are placed in their low-humidity storage area. 

After a rinse, sun-drying and resting for 30 days, and then roasting, the single-origin coffee beans are sent off to the customer that orders the coffee. 

Best LifeBoost Coffee Reviews – Various Coffee Options

LifeBoost has plenty of options to satisfy different kinds of coffee preferences. Different roast levels and flavor options give you the chance to match your tastes to a LifeBoost brew. So, let’s take a look at some of their coffee offerings that you could try: 

Medium Roast Coffee


The medium roast from LifeBoost is their standard roast and their most popular. In addition to the flavor and caffeine you expect from a traditional medium roast, the coffee features all of the growth and health concerns that the company prides itself on for its brand. 

The medium roast hits LifeBoost’s goal of making a low-acid coffee. Most coffees achieve a pH of 4.85 or lower. LifeBoost’s medium roast coffee has a pH of 6.0, meaning that it has a small fraction of the acid a regular medium roast coffee would. You can brew a balanced cup of coffee with an intense and delicious aroma with any coffee maker.

LifeBoost’s medium roast also offers a balanced flavor, evoking earthy and woody notes that you would expect from a darker roast but slightly sweet in the cup. This blend is their most popular roast for a reason!

Midnight Dark Roast Coffee


Bold and robust, the Midnight Dark Roast has flavors reminiscent of chocolate and sweet caramel. This roast is for those coffee drinkers that prefer an extensive flavor profile from their morning brews. On their product page, LifeBoost compares this rich and bold coffee blend to a standard French roast. The depth and flavor are similar, according to LifeBoost.

You can order this coffee as either whole beans or pre-ground. LifeBoost recognizes that those that are passionate about their coffee can have preferences on the grind size. These folks also assume that entire beans have a better freshness since the oils of the coffee beans haven’t been exposed to the air yet. 

Whether you prefer to have whole bean coffee or ground coffee, LifeBoost offers the same guarantees about its coffee’s health benefits as it does for its medium roast. 

Light Roast Coffee


Dubbed “The Optimist,” LifeBoost’s light roast coffee offering is the final of the three standard roast levels that the company offers. It’s roasted to the same level as other light roasts on the market, making it comparable to them in flavor, but with the health benefits added in. 

This coffee is considered to be the best of LifeBoost’s offerings for cold brewing your coffee. The light roasting done to the coffee beans ensures that the coffee has a low acid profile, which is further boosted by the cold brew process. The earthy flavors present in darker blends don’t translate well in the cold brewing process, either. 

Espresso Roasts


If you need coffee with enough caffeine to jolt you awake, then LifeBoost also has an espresso roast available from its selection. This roast goes for the dark flavor, and high caffeine content other espresso blends achieve but with LifeBoost’s health offerings. 

The low acid promise from LifeBoost is a point in this blend’s favor. Producing less acid during the brewing process means that the coffee has fewer bitters in the coffee, leading to a smoother, tastier shot of espresso. Many coffee drinkers out there that prefer lighter roasts complain that darker roasts are too bitter. This coffee could be the one that changes their mind. It’s one of our favorite espresso coffee beans.

Decaf Coffee


Not everyone likes or can drink caffeinated coffee. If you’re one of those folks, then LifeBoost coffee beans have a decaf option. This decaf option features all of the health benefits and production promises of the other blends. The only thing missing is the caffeine. 

Their decaf coffee is based on their medium roast, so if you prefer a lighter or darker profile to your coffee, you won’t be able to get that from LifeBoost. Still, the medium roast, thanks to the low acid promise of the company, has little to no bitter taste. 

Flavored Coffee

One of the benefits of a low acid coffee is that you don’t need to add as much milk or creamer to cut the bitterness of the coffee. With how common flavored creamers are, some folks might miss their creamer once finding it isn’t needed to enjoy LifeBoost coffee. 

So, LifeBoost has multiple pages of flavored coffee options that they offer. Here are some of the best rating flavored coffees you can find on their website: 

Many of these flavors are based on their medium roast blend. So, you can expect a moderate, earthy flavor in addition to the flavors added in by LifeBoost for these blends. 

The added flavors all come from natural sources rather than artificial sweeteners or additives.  

Is LifeBoost Coffee Worth the Money?

Going through the different coffee blends that LifeBoost offers, it’s easy to tell that they are a more expensive brand than most. With the amount of care and detail that goes into the coffee, they charge a higher price to ensure that they keep delivering on their health promises. 

If you stand to benefit from low acid, low toxin coffee in your diet, then LifeBoost coffee is worth the money. Plenty of folks out there have digestive issues that can keep them from enjoying coffee. These are the people that life boost has in mind when they are producing their coffee. 

Beyond that, LifeBoost produces delicious coffee. It’s smooth and free of many bitters, giving a rich coffee flavor. If you can splurge on this coffee, it’s worth it to try and see what LifeBoost has to offer. 


LifeBoost is an exciting brand as it’s not often that coffee goes out of its way to be healthy. Paying attention to all the details it needs to reduce mycotoxins and ensure fair-trade sourcing means that the coffee blends have a great flavor profile. However, this coffee is expensive because of these benefits. 

Overall, LifeBoost is worth a try, at the least! The expensive nature of the coffee could be worth it if you can’t drink standard coffee. Also, the flavor and roast options mean that there is something for just about any coffee drinker.