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Can’t get enough coffee and looking to try new roasts from all over the world? If you want to explore new roasts, tasting notes, and enjoy freshly roasted coffee curated to your tastes, a monthly coffee subscription like the Bean Box Coffee subscription box could be the perfect fit.

Bean Box pride themselves on top-quality coffee in each box with sustainable options and affordable subscriptions. Check out our review of their company, coffee, subscription plans, user experience, overall value, and what makes it different from other subscription boxes. Read on to decide if a Bean Box Coffee subscription is a good fit for you.

We picked Bean Box as one of our best coffee subscriptions.

About Bean Box

Bean Box is a coffee company that curates a monthly subscription box of some of the best artisan coffees from around the world. You provide details on your coffee preferences, and their experts select coffees that will fit your criteria. Bean Box roasts the coffee beans before sending each box directly to your door.


You’ll choose from whole-bean or ground coffee, select the subscription delivery frequency you desire, and give your roast preferences. Before long, you’ll have high-quality coffee at your doorstep. You can pause and restart your Bean Box subscription at any time.

Whether you’re looking to try new coffees, revisit old favorites, or send a gift to your loved one, Bean Box has several high-quality coffee and tea-related offerings. You can choose from chocolate and coffee tasting boxes, a coffee of the month subscription, or a gift basket. Bean Box also offers coffee-related gifts and wholesale coffee.


  • Many different coffee options from 30+ roasters
  • Easy to cancel, pause, or change your subscription easily
  • Fast shipping and delivery times
  • Comes with free gifts for the first month
  • Best coffee gifts for coffee lovers, lots of gifts options.


  • Slightly higher price point compared to some other coffee subscription services
  • Can’t choose grind size if you choose the ground option

Bean Box Coffee Subscription Review

With different coffees, subscription options, and more, Bean Box Coffee gives coffee lovers the flexibility to try new coffees without the stress of choosing them yourself. We tried the Bean box sampler and this review details our thoughts and feelings on the subscription’s features.

Coffee Options

Bean Box partners with more than 30 award-winning coffee roasters from across the United States. You’ll get to explore coffees from well-known artisans and small-batch roasters. These companies include Olympia Coffee, Coava, Onyx, Stamp Act, Provision Coffee, and more.

We got great coffee from four different roasters in the coffee tasting subscription box.


You’ll find a selection of single-origin coffees and blends on Bean Box’s website. Their site allows you to browse the most popular varieties and different roasts if you’re looking for a specific kind. If speed is a priority, you can view coffees that will arrive within three days. They also offer a World Coffee Tour Sample that lets you try out 16 curated coffees around the world.

If you’re struggling to select coffees, the Bean Box gourmet coffee sampler is available for purchase. You’ll get four 1.8 oz bags of assorted best artisan coffee. Alternatively, you can select the coffee of the month club and get a curated single 12 oz bag monthly or try their traditional subscription.

Each curated coffee comes with brewing tips and is freshly roasted. You’ll get a variety of flavors and roasts. Some roasts are ideal for espresso, while they also offer decaf options. Coffee is not just a drink, but also an adventure.


Subscription Options

Bean Box’s subscription options allow plenty of variety for budgets of all ranges. Primary subscriptions to choose between are the Curator’s Choice Subscription and Coffee Tasting Subscription.

With the Curator’s Choice subscription, you’ll receive 12 oz full size bags monthly, biweekly, or weekly. This subscription gives you enough fresh coffee to enjoy throughout the month. Each bag brews up to 36 cups of coffee, but you may get fewer uses depending on your coffee strength preference.

The Coffee Tasting Subscription gives you four artisan coffees curated towards your roast preference. You’ll receive four 1.8 oz bags totaling 24 cups. This subscription is a great way to explore multiple coffees at a reasonable price point.


Whether you like a light or dark roast, Bean Box coffee arrives flavorful and fresh. You’ll receive free shipping on subscription orders and can pause your subscription and restart it at any time.

Coffee Quality

Bean Box offers some of the highest-quality coffee you can get in a subscription box. The freshly roasted beans are at their peak freshness, most flavorful state by roasting the beans before shipping them, giving you a truly gourmet experience. As they say on the box: Better mornings, delivered fresh.

Each coffee comes in a well-labeled bag, whether you select whole-bean coffee or freshly ground coffee. You’ll find the flavor notes, roast level, the coffee’s origin information, and a QR code and number to purchase more directly if you find your favorite taste. The bags keep the coffee fresh during shipping and have a convenient zipper lock, so you don’t have to use all the coffee at once.


In our box, we have light roasted Mexican coffee from Bluebeard, with hints of cocoa, maple, and graham cracker, or dark roasts from Ladro, with flavors of chestnut and molasses. We can pull rich espresso with MEXICO PLUMA. We changed the brewing method for each coffee and always got a great cup of joe.


If you are a coffee lover who wants to explore a varied selection of profiles and tasting notes, from vibrant and bright coffees to sweeter coffee blends, you’ll love the surprise brought to you by Bean Box.

User Experience

The BeanBox website has an eye-catching, vivid design that makes it easy to read. You can find information easily on each coffee’s tasting and brewing notes. They also display several compelling reasons to choose Bean Box coffee on their homepage.

Ordering Bean Box coffee is very easy. Their website’s layout is easy to navigate and makes the process fast. After clicking the button to get started, you’ll complete a form to select the grind preference, roast preference, and subscription plan, then complete the order in your cart.


Upon visiting your cart, you can add additional artisan treats to your delivery boxes, like stroopwafels, chocolates, or more coffee. If you’re unsure if Bean Box is suitable for you, they display customer reviews and ratings so you can make an informed decision. You’ll find an FAQ section at the bottom of the homepage, or their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can answer your questions.

Value For Money – Is Bean Box Worth It?

If you’re wondering if a Bean Box coffee subscription is worth the money, it’s best to try it yourself. Everyone has their own coffee preferences. Bean Box is one of the great coffee subscriptions that give you an easy and relatively affordable way to find high-quality coffees with your preferred roast and grind without breaking the bank.

With their subscription options and free delivery, they offer excellent value for coffee enthusiasts with all types of budgets. For artisan coffee, the prices are reasonable. After trying Bean Box, you can save even more money by getting a long-term subscription at a lower monthly cost compared to drinking locally roasted coffee.

Bean Box provides excellent value for the money for a gourmet coffee curation subscription. People looking to try new coffees don’t have to spend outrageous amounts on international coffees. Instead, you get sample sizes at slightly higher prices.

Bean Box coffee changes each month so that you can try new flavors year-round. If variety is your priority, the price likely won’t be much of an issue.

What’s more, if this is your first time trying the BeanBox, they offer a trial option for just $5. You can check more information on their website.

What Sets BeanBox Apart from Others

While there are many other subscription services to choose from, Bean Box is worth considering for its overall quality and ease of use. What sets Bean Box apart from other coffee subscriptions is its simplicity, freshly curated coffee, and sustainability.

Ordering from Bean Box is fast and easy, and subscriptions include free shipping, making it virtually effortless to try new coffee each month. With flexibility in subscription options and when you receive coffee, you can easily tailor your plan to your needs. They keep everything as simple as possible.


It’s challenging to find fresh-roasted, gourmet coffee without going directly to a roaster. Bean Box coffee changes this. All coffee is hand-selected and roasted before shipping to give you the best, most delicious coffee in every cup. Whether you choose beans or ground coffee, it will stay fresh thanks to its resealable packaging.

Bean Box prioritizes sustainability in coffee production. Despite the slightly higher cost of their coffee, it’s for a good reason. They work with several global coffee farms to provide premium salaries to their workers and support a healthier, fairer coffee industry. Additionally, partnering with sustainable farmers is better for the environment and ensures you get only high-quality coffee.

The Verdict

What are our final thoughts on the Bean Box coffee subscription? A Bean Box subscription can be worth the money if you are looking for a simple way to try high-quality coffee at a reasonable price point. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or shopping for the coffee drinker in your life, you’ll find various coffees that will satisfy your tastebuds.

If you like to try new things and aren’t discouraged by the higher price, Bean Box could be a perfect addition to your life. Their combination of quality coffee, sustainability, and excellent Bean Box customer service may make it a worthwhile purchase.

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Chris Clark is the co-founder and chief content editor of With a passion for all things java, Chris has been a coffee blogger for the past 3 years and shares his expertise in coffee brewing with the readers. He's a hands-on expert, loves testing coffee equipment, and has written most of the in-depth reviews featured on the site. When he's not whipping up delicious drinks or experimenting with the latest coffee gadgets, Chris is exploring the local cafe.